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Do PEMF Devices Really Work? A Study on Fibromyalgia Patients using PEMF.

Over the past few years, the market for pulsed electromagnetic field machines has significantly expanded. By using naturally occurring electromagnetic waves, it has long been believed that these devices can provide lasting relief to individuals experiencing pain.

Though PEMF devices have been approved by the FDA for more than a decade (originally approved in 2007), many in the industry have declared that additional studies are warranted. Speculators have wanted to not only know that PEMF devices are safe, but also that these devices are effective and capable of treating a wide range of different conditions.

The definitive study on PEMF devices was conducted at St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre in London, Ontario (Canada). The detailed and comprehensive study sought to test the effect that PEMF machines would have on individuals suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

In this article, we will explore this revolutionary study and discuss why it had a positive impact on the medical community. We will also discuss how the market for PEMF devices has notably evolved since this study was completed.

PEMF Study Background

Fibromyalgia is a common condition that tends to affect people who are 40 years or older (though it can affect younger people as well). The symptoms of fibromyalgia include “widespread muscle and joint pain and fatigue.” Because these symptoms can come from other underlying conditions, it is important to speak with your doctor and receive a formal diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment.

The study, which had 32 final participants (aged between 28 and 81 with a mean of 54 years), sought to determine if PEMF devices can actually be used to treat fibromyalgia and related conditions. Of the 32 patients involved, 17 had fibromyalgia. The study also accounted for the specific type of pain the participants were experiencing, such as neck pain and back pain.

In order to make sure the experiment would be worthwhile, the team adhered to rigid scientific standards.

The study was a “randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled” clinical trial that was conducted by independent researchers not associated with any particular PEMF producer. During the course of the study, patients received PEMF treatments for forty minutes per day, twice per day, for seven consecutive days.

The Results: Do PEMF devices work?

This important study concluded that PEMF devices are measurably effective at treating fibromyalgia and other related conditions. In fact, while the study does admit that additional research would certainly be helpful, it claims

“PEMF may be a novel, safe and effective therapeutic tool for use in at least certain subsets of patients with chronic, nonmalignant pain.”

The research team was careful not to overstate their conclusions, but this was a clear sign that PEMF devices can help some people in need. This study, particularly due to its scientific rigor, has been consistently cited by the FDA and other organizations that are heavily involved in the PEMF industry. In a time where opiate abuse has become a major problem in the United States and elsewhere, finding an alternative method for treating certain types of pain is certainly a major leap forward.

How has the PEMF industry changed?

In many ways, this study was a major launching point for the PEMF industry as a whole. With FDA approval and scientific support, many companies have seen the benefits these devices can provide. In response, the number of PEMF suppliers, producers, and marketers has noticeably risen.

As the market becomes more competitive, the quality of PEMF devices has improved in response. Currently, there are many different PEMF machines available to choose from. While it is not uncommon for doctors to recommend these devices to their patients, they can also be purchased online or over the counter at various locations. In addition to having proven effectiveness, these devices also have no known side effects.

PEMF machines can be used to improve healing, blood cells, and oxygen delivery down to the cellular level.

Countless patients have had positive experiences with these machines and many users consider them to be far superior to their previous approaches to pain management (such as prescription medications).

Despite the fact that quality has been on the rise, many PEMF brands have become more affordable. This is largely because, with new technology and production methods, manufacturing a single machine is now much less expensive. While the future of the PEMF market is yet to be seen, it is clearly moving in a very exciting direction.

Conclusion – Do PEMF Devices Work?

A recent study has concluded that PEMF devices can be used to manage several different conditions, particularly, chronic pain that is caused by fibromyalgia.

With multiple supplementary studies and additional research being conducted on a regular basis, PEMF machines will likely play a much more relevant role for individuals looking for lasting pain relief.

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