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The Founders of My Wellness by Nature are dedicated to helping our community learn from brands & influencers who share this common goal:

Helping you live happier, longer, and with more enjoyment of life.

  • ProArgi-9+

    Nobel-prize winning studies led to the creation of ProArgin-9+. This life-changing supplement has been clinically proven to reverse heart disease and much more!

  • PULS Cardiac Test

    The PULS Test can provide your physician with valuable information that can be used to determine the most appropriate course of action according to clinical guidelines.

  • Wellness Retreat

    Jaguarundi Shores

    Retreat to Paradise in Belize and find holistic retreats for Couples, Addiction Therapy, Team Building, Stress Cleansing and more.

  • SottoPelle Therapy

    Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can change your life, boost your energy level, improve mental clarity and motivation. SottoPelle Therapy Providers report their patients enjoying the many benefits that balanced hormones can bring.

  • Contour Light

    Ground-Breaking Technology that Can Deliver Results in as Little as One Session. LED light has been shown to promote a natural healing response within cells.

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"I LOVE the Pulsed Harmonix PEMF Mat! It literally has been life-changing for me and my family. The investment is SO WORTH IT.  My older cat with joint pain even loves to use it for pain relief! "

—  Katie A.

Pulsed Harmonix User

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