Why We Love Jaguarundi Shores

A Holistic Approach to Experience Real Change

At Jaguarundi Shores, every experience and excursion is specifically tailored to the individual's unique therapeutic needs. The holistic therapy offers much more than typical treatment center activities. Individualized treatment plans include everything from organic food ingredients to psychotherapy treatment approaches.


"Jaguarundi Shores is an incredible place to restore and renew, while enjoying incredible adventures that create a memories to last a lifetime."


Casey and Christian

Founders, My Wellness by Nature 

Retreat & Restore in Paradise

Jaguarundi Shores is a therapeutic resort located in Belize that is owned operated by USA Citizens with Mental Health Licensure. They offer a variety of therapeutic retreats, all guided by professionals:

  • COUPLES RETREATS  Restore, Rekindle and Build Your Romantic Relationship

  • CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY  Restore your life and detox in paradise with professional guidance and therapy

  • CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING  Reach your team's full potential with guided team building activities and excursions

An All-Inclusive Private Retreat with Luxurious Amenities 

Exotic Caribbean Excursions, Private Water View Balconies, Locally Sourced Cuisine, On-Site Gourmet Chef, Private Grounds, and individualized sessions with US Licensed Therapists! These are just a few reasons to experience Jaguarundi Shores Therapy Retreats!

Innovative and Holistic Growth-Based Programs
Tailored to Your Needs
Preparing Food

Holistic Approach

Individualized Treatment Plans that


Each retreat program is built around research-based therapeutic modalities that are tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.  The experiential engagements offered are beyond the typical treatment center activity.

Nowhere else is so much pride and care taken into

creating a true, physical, psychological and emotional vacation.

Organic Cuisine
Prepared onsite by private chef
Resort Style Accomodations
Private Water view Balconies, Living Areas and Kitchen
Activities and Tours
Enjoy fishing, snorkeling, hiking and exploring local attractions

Stress Cleanse in Paradise for a Better YOU in Life 

It’s no surprise that we all experience a suffocating amount of stress daily. Whether it’s stress within our family relationships, political, work, financial, medical or emotional, we all feel a similar desperation. We feel out of touch with ourselves, lethargic, annoyed, and void of real purpose. Stress reactions are one of the most cyclical and debilitating patterns in our lives. To truly cleanse ourself from this avalanche of derailment it takes more than just hoping for change and engaging in a few hot topic techniques.

The Stress Cleanse Retreat brings every technique for managing stress into the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. You will not only de-stress physically, but purge spiritually and emotionally in an environment strategically designed in every way to find your love for life again. From the food you eat and psychotherapy you experience, to the sounds of nature and feel of the Caribbean, no part of your being is left untouched.

Couples Retreats to Rediscover Your Relationship

Experience a truly growth-focused couples therapy experience, free from the many stressors that undermine relationships in our everyday lives. Many couples are lost in their everyday responsibilities and stray away from one of the most rewarding experiences in life--the relationship with their partner.


This is an opportunity to experience holistic, relational growth where each couple will discover what they have somehow lost along the way, as well as wonderful aspects of each other they have yet to uncover.

Image by Meritt Thomas

“My recovery from addiction was a transforming experience with  guidance I received during the retreat helped me truly make changes for life.”

Jackie O.

Break Free from Chemical Dependencies in Serenity

We designed our program for patients that are recovering from alcohol, stimulants, opiates, or marijuana addiction or have recently relapsed. This is perfect for people that need treatment but have minimal time to receive treatment because of their daily responsibilities or may be concerned with attending a treatment facility for concerns for confidentiality. This is one of the most private chemical treatment centers available. The serenity and relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean allow the intensity of treatment to be as relaxing as possible.