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At My Wellness by Nature, we offer a variety of subscription memberships for various businesses and individuals listed on our website as a contributor or affiliated member (each, a “Membership”). Please review these My Wellness by Nature Membership Terms carefully and make sure you understand them before enrolling because they contain important and relevant information regarding any Membership you may purchase, including renewal and cancellation terms. Memberships are continuous and automatically renew unless you cancel your Membership or we otherwise terminate your account.

By purchasing a Membership, you agree to the terms below, as well as our Terms of Use and Sale.


1. "Affiliated Partner" Monthly Memberships. Membership consists of a profile and listing on our website that details the services that your business, product or you professionally offer consumers. It includes a contact form for the consumer to contact you directly and/or purchase your products directly.  My Wellness by Nature does not currently sell any products directly, but offers a way to purchase through the Affiliated Partner's website or platform.  In addition, My Wellness by Nature will create a blog for your business to provide your own content, videos and more. My Wellness by Nature is not responsible for the content provided by blog contributors nor its affiliates.

If you sign up for an "Affiliated Partner" Membership, you will be immediately billed $450.00 USD (plus shipping and taxes if applicable) as a non-refundable minimum purchase.  Your Membership will then continue according to our monthly schedule and your credit or debit card will be charged $450.00 USD (plus taxes, if applicable) on the 1st of each month in advance of the subsequent profile listing.

The "Affiliated Partner" Membership is for an ongoing service that is billed each month ($450.00 USD, plus taxes if applicable) and will be automatically charged to your payment method on file. Unless you cancel in accordance with these Membership Terms (in particular, see section 5 “Cancellation” below), you will continue to be charged as described above.

2. "Contributing Partner" Memberships. If you choose a "Contributing Partner" Membership, your Membership will include the same as the "Affiliated Partner" benefits listed above, plus all the addition benefits listed in the plans.  If you sign up for a "Contributing Partner" Membership, you will be immediately billed $950.00 USD (plus taxes if applicable), as a non-refundable minimum purchase

All Memberships automatically renew on the 1st of each month after receipt of your first payment of $950 and, unless you cancel your Membership in accordance with these Membership Terms (in particular, see section 5 “Cancellation” below), your payment method on file will be automatically charged for the monthly Membership term (i.e., $950.00 USD (plus taxes if applicable) until cancelled or terminated.

3. Free Community Memberships.  If you choose a community membership (a “Community Member”), your Membership will provide you with access to many of the features and benefits of the My Wellness by Nature platform, such as the "Generation Wellness" Community, streaming video content online, Members-Only sales events, special offers and discounts from great brands, and more. The free membership is for individuals that want to learn about various Wellness products and/or professionals. Free members may contribute to the community with "blog posts" through their personal profile.  My Wellness by Nature is not responsible for the content you provide, nor does it nessesarily reflect the views of My Wellness by Nature or its affiliates. My Wellness by Nature reserves the right to delete videos, blog content and more if it violates our content policies or causes danger to readers, etc.  If you sign up for the free Community Membership, you will not be charged a subscription fee.  However, your profile and information will be visible to the public unless you choose to not make your profile public.  These settings can be accessed and changed on your profiles settings page.  

5. Cancellation Policy. You may cancel your Membership with us at any time, subject to the time frames below. We do not place “holds” on Memberships.


In order to cancel your Membership, you must do one of the following: (a) email us at, indicate that you wish to cancel your Membership, and follow the instructions that we send you in response; OR (b) log into your Member Account, navigate to the “Manage Subscription” link or “My subscription and orders” tab, choose Cancel, and follow the instructions, indicate that you wish to cancel your Membership, and follow the instructions given.

There are no cancellation fees.

Cancellations must be effected prior to the billing date of the Membership renewal. For monthly Memberships, this means that you must cancel before the billing date for the next month. Cancelling your Membership does not provide you a refund for Membership payments already processed, nor does it stop a pending charge. Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.


8. Taxes and Shipping and Handling. Stated prices for Membership and other products do not include any customs, duties, sales, use, value-added, excise, federal, state, local or other taxes. You are solely responsible for the payment of such taxes related to your purchase. We have the right to charge you for any taxes that we believe we are required to pay or collect related to your purchase. Please also note that shipping and handling fees currently apply to all shipments outside the contiguous United States.

9. Data Transfers. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we may transfer your billing information to our third-party payment processors, other service providers, and certain trusted third parties.

10. Questions? If you have any questions, please contact us


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