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with Tiffany Hendra

TV Personality, Model and Women's Empowerment Coach, Tiffany Hendra shares tips from her own journey that can help you create a happier, healthier quality of life.

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Ready for a 7-Day Challenge?

Take 7 days to focus on being more mindful. This means intentionally taking time for your breath each morning and evening, becoming conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. Each day brings a different theme to focus on that will empower you to release anxiety and stress- and overall, help you be mindful of the many aspects of your mind, body, spirit connection.


It's Free to Join! 

Want to Increase Your Challenge Success?Get Daily Reminders and Log your on your phone!

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My Favorite Wellness Boost 

With my past abuse to my body with alcohol, prescription drugs and starving myself, I pay attention to things that might help me stay healthier, longer, and provide long-term, I LOVE THE INSTANT GRATIFICATION TOO! I lost a few pounds (and inches!) with this 5-Day Fast-Mimicking Meal Program....and the long-term benefits of fasting are amazing!


Super Track Your Way to Weight Loss and Detox

Want to learn more about this program and all the benefits healthy fasting can bring to your body?

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