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Tiff's #SOTHRIVE Path Challenge: Becoming Mindful

Take 7 days to focus on being more mindful. This means intentionally taking time for your breath each morning and evening, becoming conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. Each day brings a different theme to focus on that will empower you to release anxiety and stress- and overall, help you be mindful of the many aspects of your mind, body, spirit connection.

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🏅Day 1 CHALLENGE: Take your breath with you!

Any time you feel tension returning to your body, take a few intentional breaths and send some love to that area.

Begin Your Day with Intentional Breathing

Leave your phone in the other room and find a quiet, comfortable place to close your eyes and center your thoughts. Either laying down or seated, make sure your spine and lengthened and straight. Close your eyes and take 5 long, deep inhales through the nose for 5 seconds then exhale slowly through the mouth. With each breath, try to expand your chest and belly deeper than the breath before, activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Be mindful of each breath and release any tension you feel in your nose, throat, chest, core and hips.

Don't you feel better already?! Great job!


End Your Day in Positivity

Find your Centering Place in the "No Phone Zone." Just like this morning, take 5 deep, long breaths. Be conscious of any thoughts and allow them to enter your mind and simply pass through. Breathe them out and do not take any negative thoughts to bed.

Reflect on your day

How successful were you in coming back to your breath throughout the day? Congratulate yourself for committing to this path challenge. I'm proud of you!


🏅Day 2 CHALLENGE: Pause and Breathe Away Tension

Any time you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed or surrounded by negativity, pause, close your eyes and BREATHE.

Stillness + Silence. Meditation Your Way!

There's No Right or Wrong Way to Meditate. We often keep ourselves distracted, overstimulated and constantly moving. This morning, find a quiet place to simply sit and listen to the silence. This is a simple way to meditate.

Observe your breathing, beginning with a few deep breaths and then returning to normal breathing. Keep your eyes closed, paying attention to any racing thoughts, acknowledging them and allowing them to pass.

Make this meditation your own, but commit to clearing your mind and breathing for at 6 minutes if meditation is new to you. If you have a meditation practice, go for 15 minutes or more!



Tech-Free Bedtime

For better sleep, commit to a tech-free bedtime. Instead of scrolling social media or watching tv, give yourself time to end the day with stillness and silence. Returning to your self-guided meditation with the intention of clearing your mind. Close your eyes and breathe again.

Reflect on your day

Did you notice any positive outcomes from today's challenge?


🏅Day 3 CHALLENGE: No Complaining!

Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. Are your words and thoughts Life-giving.... or are you speaking defeat over yourself. Today, Become aware of thoughts or statements like “I’m so exhausted” or “Traffic is going to be so bad today” and intentionally turn them into positivity: "I'm feeling energized!" or "I'm so grateful for my loved ones and all that I have in my life!”

⚡️Power Thoughts + Power Words

Have You Told You Lately That You LOVE YOU? Take 2 minutes to get quiet and make this commitment to yourself just as you would to a loved one. SPEAK TO YOURSELF:

“I commit to you ______ (insert your name) for the next 24 hours to only speak life-giving, powerful words! I will be unavailable for complaining, whining, gossip and beating myself up verbally!”


Give Yourself Two Minutes of Grace

Take 2 minutes in a quiet place before you go to bed or as you lay down and REFLECT on your day. How challenging was it to keep your mouth shut when you wanted to complain? How was your self awareness? Give yourself grace in the moments you fell short then shift into celebrating yourself for the moments you stayed committed.

Reflect on Your Day

Did you notice any positive outcomes from today's challenge?


🏅Day 4 CHALLENGE: Live with Intention

Find purpose in your morning meditation - gratitude, confidence or self-compassion, etc. - and choose to be mindful of that intention throughout the day.

Begin Your Day with a Guided Meditation 🧘🏽

Choose a meditation geared to an aspect you would like to strengthen perhaps confidence building , releasing fear or heart expansion. You can choose one of these below, or if you have a go-to favorite that's resonating with you today, that works too!

Here are a few short guided meditations:


Revisiting Today's Intention

Reflect on the purpose and intention of your morning meditation. Sit in a quiet place and think about the day and moments you expanded in this area. Were you in a situation you needed to be more loving and open hearted? Did you respond accordingly because your heart was opened up that morning?

How did you do?

Was there an area you needed to step in with more confidence and you did? Thank yourself. This is why intentions setting and meditation is so powerful!

What was one thing that you changed today because you set an intention this morning?


🏅Day 5 CHALLENGE: Be Grateful FOR YOU!

Give yourself some love and appreciation. As you get dressed, thank your body - especially the body parts that you have disliked. Gratitude is the most beautiful heart expansion and should become part of your lifestyle. It’s an immune booster and anxiety reducer and vibration lifter. Take this self-gratitude with you throughout your day.

Congratulate Yourself

You’ve made it to Day 5! Celebrate and give thanks to YOURSELF for sticking with this commitment. Sit in a quiet place, or if you have a time restriction, do this in the shower. Water amplifies this experience:

Hand over heart. Think of 5 things you are grateful for.

As you think of each grateful thought...FEEL IT....SAY THANK YOU OUTLOUD!


End Your Day With Self-Gratitude

As you get ready for bed and put on your PJ’s, as you put an arm through the sleeve, thank yourself, your body, your arm. Then, as you put a leg through the pajama bottoms, thank your legs, your body for taking you where you needed to go that day.

How did you do? Reflect on your day.

Sit in a quiet place and think about the day and moments you expanded in this area. Were you in a situation that frustrated you about a mistake you made or goal you didn't reach? Did you react with self-compassion and love?

What is one thing you are grateful for about yourself?


🏅Day 6 CHALLENGE: Do Something Just for You!

These days, it's very easy to take care of everyone else in your life except yourself. When you think about it though, its just as important to take care of you can take better care of your loved ones!

Here are some examples of simple things you can do:

  • Find a Yoga Class to attend, in-person or online

  • Take a long walk outside

  • Work on your backyard or garden

  • Go to a spa, or get a massage

  • Get a manicure or pedicure, or do your own!

  • Make a DIY Face Mask or use your favorite one

  • Eat your favorite dessert

  • Watch a romantic comedy in your PJ's

Show Yourself Some LOVE!

You just might find this little trick amazingly rewarding. As you are brushing your teeth or washing your face in the morning, lock eyes with your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself...

“I Love You_________” (insert your name)

Select something about your face you like and show yourself appreciation...

“__________(your name), you have the most beautiful eyes/lips/smile/dimples, etc.”

You might feel silly, but I bet you're smiling, aren't you? ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Pray for Yourself

As you lay your head down on the pillow, mindfully say a prayer and include a prayer for yourself and again, tell yourself “I love you”.

How did you do?

What did you do for YOU today? Was it rewarding and enjoyable - did you allow yourself to not feel like you were being selfish, but rather, treating yourself with love so that you can serve others more effectively?


🏅Day 7 CHALLENGE: Focus on Your Affirmations

Create opportunities to focus on or repeat your affirmations throughout your day. Create reminders on your phone set for specific times during the day when you tend to get stressed or foggy. (breakfast, lunch, dinner if easier)

Self-Care + Prep for the Week

PLAN FOR SUCCESS: Create (3) affirmations geared toward areas of your life you need to focus on. Your affirmations could be about anything!

" I am worthy of abundance."

" I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents."

" I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy."

" My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil."

" I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions."

" I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.'

" I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.'


Prep for Success

Take time late afternoon/evening to prep some healthy snacks or meals for the week ahead as a way to honor yourself. As you prepare, bless and thank the food/snacks. This should become a part of your lifestyle and daily ritual.

Reflect on Your Day. How did you do?

Did you keep your affirmations top-of-mind throughout the day? Did you live as if those affirmations had already happened? Daily affirmations can help us achieve an amazing amount of change for the better in our lives, our families and our careers.


You are amazing. You are courageous and you are beautiful!

Now that you have completed this path, have you noticed a change for the better? What is different about your outlook and ability to become more mindful of your thoughts and actions?

Share this path with a friend!


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