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Peptides and Hormones: The Magic Keys to Living Longer

The body’s natural function beautifully orchestrates a delicate balance and release of hormones and peptides throughout our body. Hormones are the chemical messengers which keep our bodies in rhythm, they are responsible for our sense of well-being, mental clarity, focus, our sexual desire and many other functions needed for a happy and healthy life.

Peptides, as well as hormones, begin declining in our 30s, affecting our energy, memory, mobility, vision and overall well being. But with the help of Hormone and Peptide Replacement Therapy, we can help get your body in sync.

Restoring Peptides & Hormones Restores Results 

Peptides are redefining medicine. Instead of just focusing on curing disease, doctors are also focusing on restoring peptides—nicknamed the molecules of youth— so our innately intelligent cells can optimize their functions independently.

Young bodies make thousands of peptides that fine-tune metabolic function. That's why people in their twenties wake up refreshed, exercise without pain, easily read small print and feel great naturally.

How Do We Increase Our Body's Peptides?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) includes estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid replacement. A simple blood test reveals your hormone levels, which then allows for safe restoration.

Peptide replacement choices include BPC157, TB4 fragment, KPV, Tesamorelin, CJC- Ipamorelin, MOTS-c and many others.

Hormone Treatment


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a method by which you may restore your hormone levels to those of a more youthful stage of life. Bio-identical means the substance is structurally identical to your own human hormones. Thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are a few of the hormones that work together like the instruments of a symphony to create your wellbeing.

When imbalanced, the music is out of tune and symptoms result. BHRT reestablishes the balance and symptoms go away. BHRT can be provided by creams and pills which work well enough for many individuals, however, research is suggesting that the most physiologic application of BHRT is by pellet therapy.

What are the symptoms of low hormones and peptides?

Anyone over age 30 has lower levels of their natural peptide signaling molecules.

A few of the physical symptoms of hormone deficiency may include:

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • night sweats

  • weight gain

  • mood swings

  • decreased sex drive

If you are having any of the symptoms listed above you may benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. Ask a hormone specialist about a simple blood test and health assessment to determine if you are a candidate for BHRT.

The Take Away

Peptide and hormone replacement therapy are the magic keys to slowing down this aging process. Together, they are the natural healers of our bodies. As signaling molecules, they affect multiple pathways of healing at a time, without the toxic side effects of prescription drugs.


Integrative Medicine of Idaho

Dr. Mary Migliore

Boise, ID


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