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DERRICK DeSILVA, Jr. M.D. is a world-renowned doctor and scientist voted “ONE OF THE BEST DOCTORS” in 2001and 2020 by New York Magazine and other media.


Dr. DeSilva has won honorable awards including the “Allen Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine” in 2010 and has been a member and advisor to over thirteen various membership and medical advisory boards. Some of the boards include the Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy, WePellet, BioTE, My Wellness by Nature and many more. Dr. DeSilva has spoken to medical professionals at over 120 major conferences world-wide, educating audiences on critical topics from “Anti-Aging” to “The Principles of Better Health."



Dr. DeSilva is the host of radio talk show "Ask the Doctor", as well as his own television show, "To Your Health". He also hosts medical segments on CNN and has appeared as a guest on numerous national television programs, including ABC's "Nightline, Larry King Live, The Housewives of New Jersey", and a regular health expert on the TV show, "Extra."

  • CNN TV Network Medical Contributor

  • "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

  • "Ask the Doctor" Show Host

  • "To Your Health"Show Host

  • "Nightline" with Larry King LIVE

  • "EXTRA"Regular Health Expert

  • "Home and Lifestyle TV" Health Contributor

  • #SOTHRIVE with Tiffany Hendra

  • "My Wellness by Nature" Contributor

Born in Sri Lanka, DeSilva relocated to the United States where he earned his degree in biology at Saint Francis College prior to completing his doctorate at Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic in 1982.


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