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Pulsed Harmonix


“I founded Pulsed Harmonix (PHx) to help people, and myself, with serious pain, mobility and health problems that were not responding to traditional treatments."

Pulsed Harmonix specializes in PEMF devices which, have helped revolutionize the ways that many people treat chronic pain, depression, and other common conditions.

About Mr. Butler

Prior to founding Pulsed Harmonix, Jack’s dynamic background included many different entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and scientific endeavors. In all he has done, Jack has been firmly committed to addressing modern problems with modern solutions. The founder of many successful enterprises, including the Municipal Bond Insurance Association (NYSE: MBI); the MBIA Invitational, an annual golf tournament in support of the Special Olympics; and ARC, the financing of a peer-reviewed and published cancer vaccine, Jack now devotes his full attention to the development of safe, effective, and affordable PEMF healing technology as CEO of Pulsed Harmonix.

“I founded Pulsed Harmonix to help people and myself with serious pain and health problems that were not responding well to traditional treatments.” He was proud to see that, while his personal issues were effectively addressed by the products he has helped promote, he has not had any need for medications and currently does not have any complications or diseases.

A Polluted World

In a world where excessive prescription medications, invasive surgeries, and various “pollutants” have had a profoundly negative impact on our society, having alternative treatment options has been incredibly beneficial.

An independent review, mentioned in the interview, supported Jack’s views. Upon reviewing the A2000, one of the leading devices for pulsed electromagnetic therapy, they stated,

“For an injury that does not require surgery, Pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy can help promote healing and improve recovery time.”

Research by Pulsed Harmonix has attracted a growing following over the past few years, also supports this observation.

In addition to faster healing and improve recovery, users can also benefit from reduced inflammation, better oxygenation, and improved mobility.

A majority of users describe their overall experience using the product as “excellent.”

As suggested, these products can help users create a “new normal”, using a very natural process. Simplistically, it’s just replicating the Earth’s own electromagnetic field and pulses. In modern times we’ve become disconnected from earth’s magnetic field as a result of living in cities, working in buildings versus outside, wearing shoes, walking on concrete, carpet, tile, etc., and not living amidst nature.

It's similar to using a compass to navigate the Earth—our planet’s electromagnetic field is simply inescapable. While it is here, we might as well continue learning to use it to our advantage.

Unlike many other treatment options, there are no known side effects that can come from using a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device, such as the Pulse A2000. Furthermore, as technology has improved and manufacturing processes have become more refined, the price of a standard PEMF device has been decreasing over time. Pulsed Harmonix offers the best performance to cost value in the industry at only $3500 versus others at 2x to 5x+ that cost!

Over 100 doctors are now using the TruePulse A2000 to recharge the vital functions of the body and detoxify it at the same time.  The effects have been awesome!  I am taking no drugs and have no diseases.  The functions of my vital systems are now equivalent to someone half my age.

The A2000 addresses what many believe are the two most important health problems we are facing.  The rapidly increasing pollution of our air, food, and water with toxic chemicals, drugs and industrial waste AND the rapidly declining electromagnetic charge of our planet and our bodies.


See Our PEMF Wellness Devises HERE:

Jack Butler

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