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Trending Therapy: Platelet Rich Growth Factors

This innovative therapy uses proteins from your own blood with the goal to regenerate cells, relieve joint pain, stimulate collagen production, help heal wounds and much more.

And the best part?

The treatments are completely natural- using a patient’s own blood, so PRGF therapy can be administered alone or used in along with other therapies and/or procedures.

What are Platelet Rich Growth Factors?

Platelets, an important reservoir of growth factors in the body, play an important role in many processes such as coagulation, immune response, the growth of new blood vessels and the healing of damaged tissues. In PRGF Therapy, your provider uses your blood to obtain significant concentrations of platelets and high concentrations of growth factors - that can be used immediately for clinical purposes.

Platelet-rich Growth Factor therapy derives highly concentrated growth factors made of blood with a high number of platelets in a small volume of plasma. Growth factors derived from centrifuged blood were first used in patients with chronic skin ulcers. Today,PRGF therapy is used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Soft tissue diseases and injuries

  • Burn and scar tissue repair

  • Hard-to-heal wounds

  • Joint Pain Relief

  • Skin Tissue Regrowth

  • Hair Regrowth and Male Pattern Baldness

  • Skin rejuvenation

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

First, the practitioner draws blood from the patient’s arm and then separates the PRGF from the rest of the blood’s components.

After injecting lidocaine to numb the treatment area, the PRGF fluid is carefully injected into multiple places under the skin. The platelets break down and release their growth factors, which trigger the natural processes of cell proliferation and tissue renewal.

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, and most people can resume their normal activities immediately afterward. Depending on the purpose of your therapy, the results of PRGF treatment are most noticeable after at least six months.

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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Mel studied Women, Gender, Sexuality, and History of Science and Medicine at Harvard University for her undergraduate degree. Interested in learning skills of medical mediation and to promote cultural competency amongst health care providers, she completed a Master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, Dr. Mel acquired a Naturopathic Medical Degree at Bastyr University in WA. While in school, she received additional training in Biological Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland. Dr. Mel completed training in Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Oncology, Medical Aesthetics, BHRT, Neural therapy, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and IV Therapy.

Post-graduation, Dr. Mel entered a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program as well as a Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine. She received training in Medical Aesthetics from the National Laser Institute and became certified as a Wahls Protocol Health Professional (The only certified provider in AZ). Dr. Mel completed the post-graduate certification as a Swiss Biological Medicine Provider from the Swiss Biological Medicine organization. Her training at Swiss Biomed concluded with a one-on-one internship with Dr. Thomas Rau in Switzerland.

While in Europe, Dr. Mel received training in the use of the Weber Endolaser for intraarticular/ intravenous/ interstitial/topical applications directly from the inventor, and founder of ISLA, Dr. Michael Weber. In addition, Dr. Mel studied PRGF-Endoret therapies at the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) in Bilbao, Spain, where PRGF was developed and patented by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, who was the founder of BTI.

Dr. Mel received additional training in PRP at the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics and became certified in all Vampire Therapies. She recently completed the Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). She is currently completing the A4M Stem Cell Therapy Fellowship and Peptide Therapy Certification.

Lastly, Dr. Mel has personal experience with her own health concerns, in that she has treated herself, which has resulted in the elimination of all medications. Today, Dr. Mel is able to mountain bike, hike and travel the world in pursuit of her passion for learning the latest innovations in medical theory and clinical practice, and mineral and fossil collecting.


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