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An Express Travel Workout

Our active lifestyle shouldn't stop when we are traveling. Take advantage of the new scenery and new terrain, but be prepared.

Here are 5 Things I pack to make my active lifestyle work while traveling:

  1. A quality magnesium supplement--to help with leg cramps or muscle soreness from working new muscles. (new terrain, new muscle stress)

  2. Travel pack of laundry detergent to care for an re-use your workout attire. This also allows you more room in your luggage (less clothing items.)

  3. A ball cap or visor for sun protection. (This one is separate from the fashion caps--this one gets sweaty.)

  4. Sunscreen (made for the face that won't run into your eyes when you sweat. A stick kind travels well.)

  5. Active sunglasses--again, not your fashion shades. You need some that will stay on your face while being active and sweating. My Oakleys are for activity and my Ray Ban aviators are for fashion. Both go everywhere with me.

Enjoy this favorite workout routine, filmed in Cabo San Lucas, but can be used at any seaside resort. Give it a try and let me know where you're working out from! Have fun!


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