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4 Immune-Supporting Drinks to Sip on Daily

Knowing how to build resilience and care for my immune system is more imperative and empowering than ever these days. In my experience as a health coach, I've learned that what we eat and drink can help rev up our bodies' defenses, support our microbiome, and promote overall well-being. In case you hadn't thought about this marvelous synergy before, our immune system is precisely that, a system—a dynamic foundational network of organs, proteins, cells, and tissues that requires continuous nourishment and maintenance to perform well.

Sipping a healthy beverage is an incredibly convenient way to incorporate extra immunity-enhancing nutrients into my daily life while punching up my body's natural defenses. Staying hydrated plays a pivotal role in sustaining a healthy immune system—and it's one essential practice I personally strive to fulfill every day.

While water is, of course, a gold standard, it's not the only option for staying healthy and hydrated. Below, I've rounded up the top four health-invigorating drinks I sip on daily to help promote optimal immune function:

1. Citrus-infused water

Adding a few splashes of citrus (my favorites are orange and lemon) to water is a deliciously simple way to work more vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and zinc into my daily water quota. To maximize water's healing properties and improve digestive fire (according to Ayurvedic teachings), I recommend avoiding cold water and opting for room-temperature agua instead.

2. Herbal Teas & Tonics

Health-nourishing teas and tonics are excellent immune allies. Depending on the season, location, and availability, these are some of the must-have herbs and spices I like to add to my warm brews: echinacea, ginger, thyme, fire cider, astragalus, olive leaf, peppermint, cedron, pine needle, and turmeric.

3. Green juice

Veggie-based green drinks are an easy, tasty way to give your body a nutrient boost. With all the goodness of leafy greens and microgreens combined with water, citrus, and spices—sipping on a chlorophyll-packed juice is one of my favorite approaches to staying healthy, hydrated, and energized. Wondering how to make your favorite green juice at home without a juicer? You should try this ASAP.

4. Coconut water

The ubiquitous coconut water (or pipa) is a tropical staple I grew up drinking in Costa Rica—and for a good (nutty) reason. Besides its hydrating quality, fresh coconut water (particularly after a workout) is a flavorful way to boost my potassium intake and replenish electrolytes.

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