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Meditation: Stilling the Mind

I have had many meditation friends say "I have begun the process of meditating, but I simply cannot slow down my thoughts and relax."


When it comes to the basic principles of meditation, being quiet and still is paramount.


Everyone beginning the process of meditation has gone through the same process of calming the mind and soul to better focus. Here is a wonderful technique I was taught to regain control over my mediations when daily thoughts and emotions were disrupting my peaceful mind.


Find yourself relaxing in a peaceful and comfortable seated position.

If you tend to fall asleep while stilling the mind, play some relaxing music without lyrics.

Visualize yourself on the center stage of a large outdoor amphitheater under the peaceful stars.

Visualize as you sit centered upon the stage, that there is a back stage on either side as you face out toward the empty seats of the theater.

As you sit in appreciation of this relaxing setting, imagine that topics, emotions and/or thoughts that push their way into your mediation session are now forced to line up in a single line on either side of the back stage wings.

Give each permission only one at a time, to come onto the stage with you and present themselves.

Now make a decision for each. One by one, look at the thought, emotion or topic. Consider if this one is something that is needs to remain, or if it doesn't have a need to remain.

If it is a negative, insecure or fearful thought - then cast it out to space to never return. Allow the starts to now have that energy.

If it needs to remain, send it behind to your backstage, behind the curtain for the appropriate time.

Do this one by one, really considering each thought form that feels it should command your attention. Then either send it away, or send it back stage.


You will find sometimes in the same sitting, or sometimes after weeks of sittings - your thinking mind has been taught to be controlled by YOU rather than THEM, your thoughts.

And even further in your practice, you will find this particularly useful when you realize that your thoughts are responsible for manifesting your own reality. And that thoughts are powerful things and thoughts and visualizations BECOME YOUR REALITY CREATED BY NO OTHER THAN YOU.

Amazing things await you and congratulations on the progress of your path!


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