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I have experienced an incredible and spiritual 50+ years of phenomenal living. I have been writing about these "supernatural" experiences as well as performed what many call "automatc writings," from the spiritual sources as angels since the young age of about 12. After many years of teaching, healing, creating national television and radio shows, building brands and working with celebrities and high level people that have shared their similar spectacular stories - I actually learned to live these exciting sacred principles with tremendous success. I am prompted to share this knowledge and experiences for the first time with those in a position on their paths ready and accepting.


In taking on this project I promised my evolving soul and those I have learned from to refuse censorship of the information based on anticipated reception or judgement of the material. I promise to only write and produce in a manner as directly connected as the ones in which I have received, with complete honesty and documentary.


I do understand that some of these stories seem fictitious as some seem so far from ordinary human experience, but I assure you that these are completely real and accurately depicted or channeled in respect to the spiritual sources in which they were gained. I have many individuals in my life that participated and/or witnessed these events that can provide verification. This being said, the intent is neither to convince or change the minds of anyone - but to assist those on their paths that have acknowledged that there is "more" and needed a hand in finding that "more" as did I.


Welcome and congratulations to those on their path in need and accepting of this information!


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