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15-Minute Chair Yoga for Seniors

Do you have a family member living in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home? Do you have someone in your life, who is simply stuck indoors more of the time, right now, due to either the cold weather or the pandemic? The gift of movement could be the most perfect holiday gift to share with them!

As a registered yoga teacher, part of my holiday gift for senior citizens stuck indoors, without social visits is providing FREE yoga, mindfulness, and movement activity time on-demand, through video. My hope is to share joy, through body movement and breath work, and to remind these folks they are valued, loved, and important. If you're looking for a supportive chair routine, give this one a try. I focus on lengthening the entire body and major joint rotation, without getting out of one's chair. (Repeat 2x for a challenge.) Enjoy!


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