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Julie has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Sports Medicine and a minor in Biology.  She is trained in BioTE Medical’s method of hormone and health optimization, a certified practitioner of World Link Medical's hormone accredited courses, a certified Master Health & Lifestyle Medicine coach through the Health Coach Institute, graduate of Functional Nutrition Lab approved by the NANP, been certified as a personal trainer, boot camp and hip hop instructor, and continuing education through Nehemiah Project of Biblical Entrepreneurship.

Julie's passion is to help women over 40 reduce fatigue, brain fog and belly fat in ways that conventional medicine misses and most doctors don't have time for. Her past years of education, experiences and challenges of aging, led her to share her knowledge to all women and founded Pro Health Share. No woman should feel misunderstood or ignored and go through conventional ways of unnecessary medications with a host of side effects. She beleives all women deserve to feel their healthiest and their happiest!

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