• Julie Kaanapu

How to Avoid the Quarantine 15!

Don't Gain the Quarantine 15lb!

I don’t know what to do!

How can I get through this?

I’ve been so bad, I’m totally failing!

Have you ever had these thoughts in your head?

With everything going on, or really not going on, it’s put many of us in uncharted territory.

Our gyms are closed, work is stressful or lack there of has added extra stress on top what you already had, we feel stuck in our homes and there may not be much comfort in when this will end.

So, where do we sometimes find comfort?


I’ve been totally guilty of it too! And in times like this, I’ve heard many women state… “If I don’t change something soon, I might end up with the dreaded…


Maybe cute in college but not past our 40’s!

That’s why I put together 7 steps to avoid the quarantine 15 so you can guide yourself through this crazy time feeling good and looking good!

And, as an additional BONUS...

you’ll be able to use my mindset sheet to go along with those 7 simple steps to learn how to get what you want!

Click here now for your FREE guide to avoid the quarantine 15 and make sure to share this with a friend!

With all my love & support,


and the PHS team

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