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12 Steps to Become Healthier & Fit in 4 Weeks

Springtime is always a good time for growth and change however ANY TIME is a great time to become healthier and fit.  

Even though it’s important, there’s so much more to being healthy and fit than just what you put in your mouth or how much you exercise.  It’s the simple things we do day to day to create healthy habits that last!

This is why I put together a Ladies Lunch & Learn!  A 4 week spring kick off challenge to become a healthier and more fit you for a private group last spring.   Even though this was for a group of women, these steps can be used for anyone, men included!

There was such great feedback and requests to bring it back that we decided to share it with you, my special Pro Health Insider! 

This 4 week challenge to becoming a healthier you includes:

- Goal setting: How to figure out what you REALLY want!

- Declutter to make room to get what you want

- What your plate should look like (macro’s and micro’s)

- CPDR and ABCD’s of eating

- How much water is right for you

- How to kick the Sugar Habit

- Reading labels and how to choose

- Self Sabotage and your inner strength

- Stress management (how it effects fat storage)

- Hormones, metabolism and much more with several FREE Downloads!

- 12 short videos with helpful tips to become a healthier and more fit you!

Take 10 min during your lunch break only 3 times a week to listen and learn how you can create healthier habits that last to become a healthier and fitter you! 

Watch 3 short videos for each week as you go through your 4 week health challenge.

Week 1 is FREE!!!

To receive all bonus downloads click link below!




Want more? Subscribe to the full challenge by visiting my website


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