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What is Reiki?

One of the most powerful things I learned upon my soul's journey was a single profound concept that carried into all others. Our soul's energy makeup is not limited to the outer shell of our body.

This is true, proven and a scientific fact. Our souls, comprised of energy provided and connected to the higher source is able to move, change, and expand beyond the skin of our body. This concept alone changes EVERYTHING. Our personal energy having the means to extend outside of our own affords us the ability to heal and influence those around us.

There are many resources about how the soul's energy can create such influence in our material world, including NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14 mission. Mitchell conducted many empirical experiments based on energy influence on things around us including plants, animals and people. These are documented in his published books including "Psychic Exploration" and "The Way of the Explorer."

As incredible a notion of soul's unlimited boundaries, is the fact that we can become an instrument to "channel" healing energy from the higher source, into another person. Reiki healing for instance, "A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being" is an example of this. I myself am a Reiki practitioner, however I have seen many natural born healers have the ability to use Reiki energy for influencing the better wellness of others.

To truly harness the talent of a Reiki practitioner or master, one should seek out a true Reiki teacher. One of the most incredible things I experienced about Reiki, is that it is a "dynamic" healing technique. This meaning that when Reiki healing energy produced and channeled from the higher source enters the body of a receiver, the healing energy travels to the areas in need of healing regardless of the entry point. This makes Reiki intelligent, dynamic and exciting to work with as a healing therapy. Reiki is nondenominational. You can practice any religion and still use and benefit from Reiki. Reiki Founder Mikao Usui was influenced by the religions of his country, but Reiki isn't associated with any religion, and people of all faiths and beliefs are Reiki practitioners.

Quickly stated, Reiki practitioners undergo a series of learning procedures and levels called "attunements" whereas the practitioners body is spiritually and physically adjusted in a way that better receives and passes along Reiki healing energy. I personally went through major physical changes as well as obvious spiritual ones as I became a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is becoming a very popular technique that hands-on service providers are adopting worldwide, including nurses, massage therapists and other professions whereas one on one contact and healing are the intended outcome.

I highly suggest searching for a very reputable source if interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner or "Reiki Master," and research both cost and teacher lineage if available. I would also shy away from simply using an online video to learn something this sacred and powerfully life changing. I would suggest a teacher that can actually "experience" your Reiki energy levels as you learn the technique. Something a video can not do as far as I know to date ; ).

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