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The Pursuit of Providing Healthy, Happy Lifestyle

Like many others, Brett Markowitz experienced first-hand the unsettling effects of Candida (a fungal infection caused by yeast) coupled with childhood obesity.

Having triumphed through this, Markowitz began taking health and wellness personally. He set a goal to one day help permanently change people's everyday wellness habits, so more people are equipped with the knowledge and ability to live a healthier and happier life.

Markowitz gained AED and CPR certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, and qualified with the American Council on Exercise and the International Sports Science Association.

Markowitz later saw a gap in the space of regenerative and anti-aging medicine and recognized that few med spa clinics were addressing the weight loss and anti-aging needs in patients at the root cause rather than "slapping a bandage on a broken arm."

He began to formulate a plan of success that pinpointed what he found to be necessary treatments for aging such as medical weight loss solutions, sexual dysfunction treatments, a focus on hormone balance, peptide therapy and also aesthetics.

AgeRejuvenation was recently founded by Brett Markowitz with a mission to provide the public with functional clinics specializing in the latest breakthrough medicine and therapies for weight loss, nutrition, anti-aging, and hormonal balance solutions for men & women.

Markowitz found that the key to success was educating patients and customizing individualized treatments that treat the root cause of patient issues - not just treating symptoms.

AgeRejuvenation clinics in Florida now offer a wide variety of treatments in anti-aging and functional medicine including:

• Weight Loss Solutions (e.g. Wegovy, medical supervised weight loss and vitamin injections),

• Sexual Dysfunction Treatments (e.g. P shot and PulseWave Rx therapy),

• a focus on Hormone Balancing (including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and thyroid function),

• Peptide Therapy and Stem Cells, Hair Restoration

• and Aesthetics (e.g. Botox, fillers and cool sculpting).

Through an integrative wellness approach, ageRejuvenation clinics offer customized health programs that fit EVERY body type regardless of gender or genetics.

The staff are trained to be knowledgable and equally capable of ensuring patients receive the same high-standard of care no matter which clinic you visit.

With 5 clinics in the Tampa Bay and Orlando Areas, ageRejuvenation continues it's mission to help men and women everywhere receive the best in innovative medical care. Telehealth is another popular option for ageRejuvenation patients outside of Florida.

AgeRejuvenation patients report relief of symptoms and appreciation to their providers for giving them the utmost quality of care possible.

As an ageRejuvenation patient, you are offered their entire patient care team, management team, and medical provider team to help walk you through your unique wellness journey.

Don't wait. It's time to take action and start your wellness path.

Visit Our Featured Partners at AgeRejuvenation

Call 813.303.0737

Florida Locations

125 North Orlando Ave. Suite 115 Winter Park, FL 32789 (407) 606-6746

1155 Nikki View Dr. Brandon, FL 33511 (813) 681-8624

10116 Montague St, Suite 8 Westchase, FL 33626 (813) 749-7550

220 North Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 254-6141

1821 Bruce B Downs Blvd Suite 114 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 (813) 558-9500

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