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Rising Above Fear To A New Understanding: Vol 3 from "The Dialogues"

VOLUME 3 from "The Dialogues"

It was a beautiful Spring morning in 2005. The house was quiet. I made it a habit to wake up before the family arouse, so I could get my morning “quiet time.” I grabbed a glass of water and headed to my studio that was located at the back of the house.

My art studio was my creative space and had become my sacred, spiritual place. My meditation chair sat over-looking the gardens and pool of my backyard below. I nestled myself into the warm embrace of its colorful fabric, and centered myself for meditation. A yellow legal pad and pen sat on my lap. I closed my eyes, began breathing slowly and deeply; praying for guidance.

My Meditation

The Voice: Can you see? Write what you know.

I pick up my pen and record what I am being shown. I see colors. Then I see images of different angels. I am traveling in a tunnel - black with violet on the bottom. I can’t see where I am going. I have a sense of being blinded. I am going fast, but it is not a sense of ‘true movement’ - fast and stillness at same time.

I see violet and white light before me now. There is a pinhole of light ahead; then light everywhere! I am in an atmosphere full of light - Full Light. I am there for awhile. There is no message; just experiences. I am going through what seems to be another tunnel. I am in a different atmosphere, seeing different energy.

The Voice: Different veils Cindy - many veils.

Cindy: Is this true? Are there many veils? Different layers?

The Voice: Yes Cindy, this is so.

Cindy: So what does this mean?

The Voice: There are many layers to consciousness. Different veils to divide them.

Cindy: But I thought there was no division?

The Voice: This is true, in essence. All soul energy connects, but there are different levels of understanding - learning; just like on Earth. The veils are thinning; exposing themselves to each other, to create awareness. Souls move at different rates. Different schools of learning.

Cindy: Are there colors associated with different levels? What is the violet color you keep showing me?

The Voice: The highest order - next to God.

Cindy: What’s to learn there?

The Voice: Love - unconditional love - grandest level - all encompassing - no judgment. God does not judge, but loves.

Cindy: Where did this concept go wrong?

The Voice: Fear. Fear is from evil sources and not to be trusted. Fear - lack - are lowest levels of consciousness. All erecting slow, dense energy. Lightness is truth. Joy… like floating balloons - highest high; no limits. How to judge and determine where the level of consciousness is, is to see the energy around the source. Fear, hopelessness, limitation, anger - all signs of lower denser energy. Higher levels are lighter. Gaiety, laughter, adventurous freedom of Spirit - rising above - reaching new heights.

Be aware that all can raise their levels of consciousness and energy by choice. Those that have these qualities, will raise others, without even trying.

Their vibrations are magnets at a soul level.

There are different levels of understanding, but no judgment attached to them – just understanding. To be shared with all! People are on different lesson plans. They can benefit and learn from others. On Earth - judgment creates a division. Knowledge to be learned, but without judgment, jealousy, and control. This is The Goal.


What are you afraid of? How is fear showing up in your life? What negative beliefs are attached to your fears? Identifying and examining your negative beliefs, is the beginning process of setting yourself free from fear.

Often, we operate from these hidden toxic ideologies, and we are not even aware of it. Taking control of our negative thoughts, formulating positive beliefs, and opening ourselves up to higher levels of understanding, lead us to a more peaceful and loving existence.



Hello! My name is Cindy Lee, LCSW-S, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor certified in Spiritual Leadership by The Spiritual Ministries Institute, Heart Paths Program.

It is my goal with this platform to share insightful stories and teachings of my own journey to better wellness as well as highly beneficial information for this new era of information and personal experience.



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