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Hello! My name is Cindy Lee, LCSW-S, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor certified in Spiritual Leadership by The Spiritual Ministries Institute, Heart Paths Program.

It is my goal with this platform to share insightful stories and teachings of my own journey to better wellness as well as highly beneficial information for this new era of information and personal experience.

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Working for over ten years. It is my second career, which developed after my marriage tragically ended in divorce in 2006. The two years before had been a particularly difficult season for us. Our marriage was hitting unprecedented turbulence and tensions were high. I had developed a discipline of prayer, meditation, and journalling to help manage my stress level. This had become a staple of my self-care routine. However, in the summer of 2004, my journaling seemed to take on a “life of its own.” It was accompanied by “surges of intense energy” that flowed through my body like an electrical current. The words in my head became clearly audible. I saw explicit visions in my minds eye. My internal thoughts poured onto my journal pages with fluidity and ease. This was MORE than a recording of my thoughts and feelings...WAY MORE! I was experiencing things I had no language for. My pen and the yellow legal pad beneath it, started formulating a conversation with a Divine Source. From it, arose instruction, wisdom, guidance, and teachings. I call these conversations “The Dialogues.”

My journal writings simply started out as a tool to help me navigate my emotions during a very turbulent time in my life. However, I believe God had something more in mind. He brought the supernatural into my ordinary life, to teach me spiritual lessons and to give me a new vision beyond this world. What started out as personal messages of wisdom which spoke directly to my life, eventually evolved into instructions and teachings which I was instructed to share with the world. My hope is that by sharing these writings, your life will be enriched. I believe these messages are for ALL. Welcome to “The Dialogues”...

Cindy Lee LCSW-S

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