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InBody Scan Machine can help Maximize Wellness

Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something!

In a time where health and wellness are starting to matter more to people, understanding your body composition has never been more important! InBody Scan Machine is a cutting-edge tool that offers a comprehensive glimpse into your body's unique makeup.

Gone are the days of relying solely on the bathroom scale to gauge your health; the InBody Scan goes beyond mere weight measurement, providing an in-depth analysis of your muscle mass, fat percentage, and so much more. This device can allow your health care professional to set you up on a wellness path that caters directly to your body's needs.

One of the standout features of the InBody Scan is that it's non-invasive. Unlike traditional diagnostic methods that require uncomfortable pinching or submersion in water, this machine simply requires you to stand still for a few moments as it works its magic in about 45 seconds. By sending harmless electrical currents through your body, it measures resistance and reactance to calculate muscle, fat, and water content with remarkable precision.

So What exactly is Body Composition?

Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of. Your body composition includes fat, protein, minerals, and body water. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Assess Body Composition to Maximize Health and Wellness

Identify the difference between muscle and fat

Using Muscle-Fat Analysis, you can help understand the difference between your weight and more important metrics, like Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass.

Track changes over time

The Body Composition History section provides you with the ability to monitor fluctuations in Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Percent Body Fat. By regularly reviewing this information, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your exercise and nutrition plans.

Analyze visceral fat levels

Referencing the Visceral Fat Area Level section of the Result Sheet is extremely important, because having too much visceral fat is directly related to an increased risk for numerous chronic health conditions.

Measure progress across segments

With Segmental Lean Analysis, show how gains in fat-free mass improve your overall health. By reviewing the amount of fat-free mass in each limb and the trunk, you can compare and contrast your muscle development and create a plan to balance it.

Monitor body fat distribution

Segmental Fat Analysis examines how fat is distributed throughout the body. Helps explain what actions can be taken to reduce fat levels in different areas of the body.

See how much you burn at rest

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the minimum number of calories your body needs to perform basic bodily functions. Knowing this value allows you to create personalized nutrition plans.

Restore Balance your Life with InBody Scans

The InBody Scan empowers individuals to set personalized health goals, track progress, and make informed decisions about their diet and exercise routines. Whether you're an athlete aiming to optimize performance or someone on a wellness journey, this remarkable machine can be your ticket to unlocking the mysteries of your body composition, paving the way for a healthier, happier you.

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