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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment & Autism

With more and more cases of autism showing up, parents are looking for answers.

Find out if Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may be a good solution for you or someone you know who has been diagnosed with autism.

Growing Numbers Of Autism Diagnoses

According to "the CDC's latest autism report, released in 2017, which uses 2016 data, found that the prevalence of ASD in four-year-old children was one in 64 children, or 15.6 affected children per 1,000. That's more than the 14.1 rate they found in 2014, for the 11 states included in the study.

New Jersey, as in years past, was the highest, with 25.3 per 1,000, compared to Missouri, which had just 8.8 per 1,000. The rate for eight-year-olds had risen as well. Researchers found the ASD prevalence nationwide was 18.5 per 1,000, or one in 54, about 10 percent higher than the 16.8 rate found in 2014.

New Jersey, again, was the highest, at one in 32 kids, compared to Colorado, which had the lowest rate, at one in 76 kids. For New Jersey, that's a 175 percent rise from the baseline number taken in 2000, when the state had just one in 101 kids."

More People Are Looking For Natural Solutions

According to The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Of America. "The cause of ASD is unknown. Most recent evidence suggests some combination of mitochondrial dysfunction, dysregulation of the immune system, inflammation, oxidative stress and inability to detoxify chemicals and contaminants in our environment are mechanisms at work in Autism.

Some research supports the theory that that the metabolic dysfunction in the autistic brain renders it starved for oxygen. Brain cells with low oxygen do not function optimally.

HBOT significantly increases oxygen in brain tissue which provides healing benefits:

  • cells absorb needed oxygen, inflammation is reduced and poorly functioning brain cells function better.

  • HBOT improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to all tissues of the body promoting new tissue growth and more normal cell metabolism. This may be particularly helpful in promoting brain development and improving immune response in the child with ASD.

A controlled study using HBOT in children 2-7 years of age diagnosed with ASD demonstrated significant improvements in:

  • Overall functioning

  • Receptive language

  • Social interaction

  • Eye contact

  • Sensory/cognitive awareness


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