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How to Get Un-Stuck When You're Stuck

I do the work. I meditate. I exercise. I pray. I eat well. I breathe well—most of the time.

When I don’t breathe well, something inside of me will remind me to breathe deeply. I’ll either get quickly irritated, annoyed, unmotivated, or I’ll feel anxious. Over time (several years) I’ve learned to become aware of the negative in my body, mind, and spirit pretty quickly, and usually I have the tools close by. I even wrote a book about my journey through releasing limiting beliefs, lifting from chronic fatigue, and crippling anxiety issues. Each manifested so slowly within me, and I didn’t experience an acute event that forced me to do the work. My journey details are more subtle and collective over time.

Nonetheless, still debilitating, at times. I learned the tools to re-direct, clear, cut cords, summon my higher self, tap into the spiritual world for some help, and of course the tried-and-true physical self-care. Wholesome fuel, quality supplements, hydration, sweating, yoga, strength conditioning, each of which has allowed me to maintain a healthy physical body. Even so, I was stuck recently, unable to move from a negative mind space, which eventually spiraled into an emotional outburst.

But I know what to do? I have the tools? I take really good care of myself. What did I do wrong? This spiral of questions and concern filled my psyche. I couldn’t escape it, and it kept me stuck.

I was paralyzed from even doing the things I love to do. Stuck, and unable to move myself to the next best step. When this happens, I would usually take a nap. I’m not helpful to myself or anyone else until I shift from “stuck-ville,” and I know that focus and energy resets when I sleep.

As I laid there, in my bed, unable to even fatigue myself into slumber, I grew increasingly angry. I was angry at myself for not knowing how to lift from here, and I was angry at the world for being so screwed up. The negative around me had infused into my subconscious, so even if something wasn’t happening directly to me, I am now sensitive to all of the hurt and pain in all of the world. It was weighing me down, and keeping me stuck.

I guided myself back to step one. Awareness.

Where am I? What’s around me? What emotions do I feel? The why doesn’t matter in this first step of awareness. Details do. To get un-stuck, I had to come back to general and factual details about my present being.

Next, it is time to start Clearing the clutter.

Some of what keeps us stuck is the stories we make up in our heads. To get un-stuck, we have to get out of our heads and into reality.

From here, start Defining

...your personal goals, dreams, ideas of how you want to spend more of your time. Dream a little here. Gazing upon what we really want, allows us to draw closer to feeling better.

Choose to believe deserve every one of these things, experiences, and feelings of joy, accomplishment, fulfillment (because you do.)

Now, take Action.

Take one small step in the direction of your dreams. If you don’t see a path directly to your dreams, step in the direction of what makes you feel better, and then from there, take another step… then another. By following a few simple steps, we can guide ourselves out of any stuck situation and get back to living.

Steps to Get Un-Stuck

Awareness – Clear – Define – Choose – Action

Once you find your way out of that initial place of feeling stuck, consider a deeper dive into why it happens. It’s important to be in a better-feeling place before starting this work, so emotions don’t interfere. Since you’re not in a better-feeling place, imagine the feeling of being stuck, and ask yourself these questions. Even better? Journal about these questions.

Why would you want to get un-stuck?

What are the advantages staying stuck? What are the disadvantages of staying stuck? What do I think is holding me back? Is there something else that is calling me today? Do I want to be lazy today?

Do I want to take a nap? Do I want to go somewhere? What could I do to prepare to do my chosen activity?

As you move your energy from stuck to action, you help yourself become even more un-stuck. You’ll be energized to take some action and get further away from where you are currently stuck. Inspired action feels way better than stuck energy. Give it a try!

Find this and other practical tools at to help you stay un-stuck, or to at least keep finding a way out, anything you find yourself stuck again. Even better, subscribe to my newsletter and receive free resources to help you live fulfilled.


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