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Healing Pathways for Menopause

Menopause can leave you feeling dull, drained, and moody – not to mention it can bring about all of the other unwanted symptoms such as weight gain, low libido, hot flashes, and even sexual dysfunction.

One of the common treatment options for menopausal symptoms is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), supplementing your hormone levels to rebalance your system.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is the end of a woman's menstrual cycle and fertility. It happens when your ovaries no longer make estrogen and progesterone, two hormones needed for fertility.

Menopause happens naturally with age. The menopausal transition most often begins between ages 45 and 55. It usually lasts about seven years but can be as long as 14 years.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Put it Off?

No, it is not possible to delay or put off menopause. It is a gradual transition marked by a decrease in the production of reproductive hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone. Menopause cannot be prevented or postponed as it is a normal part of a woman's aging process and is influenced by various factors, including genetics and overall health. There are however, ways to help alleviate the symptoms and to help you feel better again.

Lifestyle changes

A healthy diet and daily exercise may help manage your symptoms and better your health.

Get rid of any bad habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Avoid anything like caffeine and spicy foods. Keep your body regulated with a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle changes will help your body to perform regularly, however, they will not stop Menopause.

Prescription Treatments

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy using testosterone, estrogen and progesterone can help relieve unwanted symptoms of hormone imbalance such as: hot flashes and night sweats, anxiety, brain fog and more, as well as help prevent osteoporosis. By replacing and optimizing vital hormones the body loses as we age, people are reporting feeling years younger & significantly healthier.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

BHRT refers to the use of hormones that are structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced by the human body. It is a treatment approach that aims to restore hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies or imbalances.

Bioidentical hormones are derived from organic sources, such as plants, and are processed to have the same molecular structure as the hormones produced by the human body. These hormones can include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, among others. Bioidentical hormones can be prescribed in various forms, including creams, gels, pills, patches, or injections.

The method of administration can vary from patient to patient and depends largely on their specific needs, and lifestyle. Medications can be administered daily, weekly, or even as infrequently as 4-6 months if you choose to use pellet therapy.

What are the Benefits Reported by Patients?

  • Increased energy, stamina and recovery

  • Stronger libido with improved sensitivity.

  • Increased muscle mass and decreased fat

  • Clarity of mind and better memory

  • Decreased joint pain and illness

Don't let MENOPAUSE control your life. Find out if BHRT may be right for your wellness journey.

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