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Finding Our Way Back To Our Creativity

I have always loved creating things. My father was a well known commercial illustrator and I spent my childhood playing in his art studio. My mother was also “the creative type,” but her talent resided in writing, singing, and dancing.

So you could say that I have creativity in my DNA. But the truth is, WE ALL ARE CREATIVE.

We all have been designed with a creative core. It is the essence of our being! But many have forgotten this. Have you? Tapping in to our creativity is an important part of becoming all we are meant to be. It is a way to grow, explore and expand ourselves. It is a language that taps into the SOUL. At at a soul level, we each desire to express the fullness of who we are.

So how do we find our way back to our creativity?

Here are a few ways:

MEDITATION: Stilling the mind. Letting go of fear. Opening up to receive inspiration.

EXPLORE: different artistic mediums: Visual Art, Writing, Dancing, Photography, Music.

PLAY: Start the process and have fun!

Stay tuned for more articles and video’s on How To Tap Into Your Creativity.


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