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Reducing Fear & Anxiety + 10 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

We all experience fear and anxiety, but what you choose to do with that fear and anxiety is key: are you going to let it take you down...or can you harness the fear and transform it into FAITH?

We can choose to live in a fear-based mindset or faith-based mindset. It doesn't have to take a lot of time to manage fear and transform it... You simply have to choose to do so!

10 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

As with most problems, there are short-term “fixes” and long-term “cures”. Short-term fixes are good for immediate relief, but investing in a long-term cure is the best way to overcome anxiety for good.

To get quick relief from anxiety, try one or two, or even all of these tips:

1) Preparation is Key

If you’re anxious about something you're going to have to do, like a job interview or uncomfortable talk with a family member, do your homework! Write down key points that you need to make in a conversation, prepare your answers for the interview - do virtually anything you can to ensure that you are prepped and ready to achieve success.  Being prepared is one of the best ways to avoid anxiety.

2) Breathe

If you notice anxious thoughts making their way into your mind- even the smallest ones- stop and breathe. Find a comfortable space to close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.

Having trouble relaxing? Bringing attention to each muscle group and releasing their tension can help ease your body into relaxation. Try this technique: Start with your toes and scrunch them tight for a few seconds, then release. Move to your feet and calves and tighten those muscles, then relax. Move on up your body, tightening and relaxing each section all the way up to you get to the scalp. Yes, you can scrunch your scalp, and it feels good!

3) Take Control of Your Thoughts with COLOR

Focusing on a soothing color can actually force out an anxious thought. Here's what you can do: think of a soothing color– perhaps the color blue. In your mind, repeat the word “blue, blue, blue” until your mind is full of blue and the nagging thought is gone. Yes, it sounds a bit too simple to help, and maybe even sounds silly, but it really works!

4) Organize Your Thoughts

Pause and think. Identify what it is about the situation that is making you anxious. If you’re trying to make a decision about something, take a pen and paper and make 2 lists; one with positives about the decision, and one with negatives. This will help you get the thought process out of your mind.


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5) Step Away from Negative News

Don’t worry about things you have no control over. If your thoughts are making you anxious, sit down and give yourself a reality check. What control do you have over that? If reading about all these “out-of-your-control” things on social media or the news is fueling your anxiety, then stop reading about them.

6) Choose Where Your Spend Your Energy

Don’t take on every project that comes along. It’s okay to say no to obligations or projects that are making you feel overwhelmed. Take charge of your schedule and where you spend your time. Create an organized state that makes you feel comfortable.

7) Clean Your Space

Your environment affects your emotional state, which then affects your thought processes. If you want to have clear, organized thoughts, avoid clutter in your environment; clean up your space–it really helps!

Bonus: Live plants and flowers can help detox your mind and your space.

8) Meditate

Follow a guided meditation, or simply find time to create intentional stillness. You don't have to take hours to do this, sometimes just 15 minutes can completely refocus your mind!

9) Walk with Mindfulness

Go for a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air, paying attention to your walking and your thoughts. Be mindful to not let your mind wander into negativity or anxious thoughts. Decide what to think about, stay in the moment and notice what is going on around you. Being in the moment will help you to get the control back.

10) Get Some "Herbal" Relief

Prepare a cup of tea using chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, or passionflower (or a mixture of them). There are also several ready-made herbal mixtures in the market. How you prepare and consume the tea is just as important as the herbs you use.

Heat the water and prepare the herbs with awareness; that means pay attention to what you are doing! You have no idea how important keeping your mind in the present moment is–it’s everything! Drink the tea from a pretty cup (not styrofoam) and sit in a comfortable space while you’re enjoying the tea.

An herbal bath is also a marvelous way to ease anxiety. Toss a handful of lavender, lemon balm, or chamomile flowers into a warm bath and sink into the fragrance of peace. You could also listen to some amazing relaxation music!


ABOUT TIFFANY HENDRA ☞ Go to Tiff's Profile

From small town beginnings to Beverly Hills and now back to Texas, Tiffany Hendra is on a mission to empower women from all walks of life by giving them the tools needed to live their most authentic and fabulous life. She is a wife, television host, empowerment + media coach, creator of the blog & web series Sanctuary Of Style, CEO of The Coaching Sanctuary and a star on season one of Bravo's Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany uses all of these platforms for one sole mission to help women overcome past circumstances to live a more purposeful and confident life.

"I believe confident women change the world!"

With her spitfire, but nurturing attitude, Tiffany gives women the nudge they need to step boldly out of their comfort zone, cultivate courage and take ownership of their dreams. Her vision is for women to live in freedom by overcoming their negative programming from the past, give up victimhood, find their voice and be unapologetically authentic. Everyone wants to "find their purpose", but Tiffany believes we must align with God and focus on our relationship with ourself first. Trust that process then our purpose reveals itself.


*Disclaimer: This page offers suggestions for handling anxiety. We do not guarantee specific results and the results can vary.


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