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Coming Face To Face With The Divine: Vol. 1 from 'The Dialogues'

Volume 1 from "The Dialogues"

The turn of the new decade has turned our world upside down! A world pandemic, a tumultuous presidential election, a storm on the United States Capitol, and the impeachment of the President has created rising political and racial tensions around the nation. It has created a storm of division among people.

"The Dialogues" were born at a time in my life when My World was turned upside down. I was scared, life ahead was uncertain, and I did not know what to do next. I turned to the only thing I knew to be true… God would help me through it.

It all started on a hot Saturday morning in August.

I awoke from a deep dream state. I wiped sleep from my eyes, as I gazed at delicate patterns on the wall, created by the sun streaming through the lace curtains. I was trying to make sense of the unsettling images, dialogue, and scenes that flashed before me in my unconscious state.

This was one of many strange experiences that I had encountered over past months. Vivid dreams, feeling vibrational energy running through my veins, hearing random phrases in my mind. None of it made sense.

The house was quiet. My husband was in Colorado on vacation with his family, and my daughters where at sleepovers with their friends. I had no place to be, so I took time to meditate. I propped myself up in bed, snuggled into my bed covers, and settled into rhythmic breathing. As my breathing slowed and my body relaxed, I drew my attention inward.

The Meditation that Started it All

I kept my journal and pen in hand to jot down any insights. But this time something was different. I felt something changing within me.

My pen started recording the voice that was speaking to me…

The Voice: It’s okay. You are safe. So many new things are happening to you.

Cindy: What is happening to me?

The Voice: Knowledge revealed. God is speaking to you. You are working on a very high vibration now. Seek peace and harmony. Speak the truth. Your truth is the truth. You can trust it. You will teach with it. Don’t focus on the little stuff; the little worries, like laundry being done right, etc. Your messages are at a high level. People will challenge them and won’t understand them. Be patient with them.

Cindy: Are you really speaking to me? (I had an overwhelming feeling in my gut, and I started to cry). Am I a freak?

The Voice: No. Don’t worry about how you are perceived. You have a task.

Cindy: What is my task?

The Voice: To see so others can see. To hear and tell.

Cindy: What is it I am to see, hear and tell?

The Voice: People are the same, but they don’t know it. Show them through your art. Show them. They will see it. They will feel it in their hearts. They can hear their own hearts.

Cindy: Do I work with just women, or is it for all?

The Voice: Start with women, but messages are for all. They don’t know what they do to each other. It hurts my heart to see what they do to each other. They must stop, they must stop.

Cindy: Is this real?

The Voice: You doubt. That’s your weakness. Speak the truth. Get rid of the lies. Speak the truth. So much is an illusion. Tell your story - leave nothing out. TELL ALL. Undo the lies people told you. They are poison. Spit out the “snake poison” and clear your soul. Then speak.

Cindy: I love you.

The Voice: I love you too.

Cindy: Why is it so hard for people to say they love each other?

The Voice: They can’t feel it. They are blocked. Most can’t feel deeply. That’s your gift. Show them. Model it. It is your passion that will show them. Show them by word and sight. They are afraid to love their brothers and sisters - humanity. They see the differences.

So do you, but I’m getting you to see beyond that. I am getting you to see beneath the surface, beyond the walls people build. Break down the walls. Show them that love is at the core. Love for everyone. We are all the same! Don’t you see?! They can’t see. They let the little irritancy’s divide them from others. It’s not us and them - It’s WE!

Cindy: Am I delusional?

The Voice: No. There is your doubt again. Trust. There is more to come. Be ready to receive.

Note: I felt immediately lighter - separation - blank. There is no more.

This experience shook me and shifted me. I was not the same after this. It is hard to explain, but it changed me on a cellular level. My brain and rational thinking did not know what to do with this experience, but there was a knowing in my heart and soul…

I had come face to face with The Divine.


Hello! My name is Cindy Lee, LCSW-S, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor certified in Spiritual Leadership by The Spiritual Ministries Institute, Heart Paths Program.

It is my goal with this platform to share insightful stories and teachings of my own journey to better wellness as well as highly beneficial information for this new era of information and personal experience.


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This is WONDERFUL information! What an incredible experience you've had. So excited to read more from you.

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