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Clearing Your Heart For New Creation: Vol. 5 "The Dialogues"

Volume 5 from "The Dialogues"

I have spent over 20 years as an artist and over 10 years as a psychotherapist. Whether preparing a canvas for my next painting, navigating challenging life circumstances, or guiding clients through turbulent times; I whole-heartedly believe the truth of the following Divine message I received in my meditation in 2005:


The Voice: Cindy, all creation comes from within. This is why it is so important for people to understand the importance of clearing their hearts and minds for new creation.

I believe the practice of meditation is an excellent process for this. I utilize this practice in my life and I train others in this modality. It is a spiritual practice, an art form, and a therapeutic tool. Sometimes meditation is enough to clear the way for new creation, and sometimes there is deeper work to be done. Life experiences can leave emotional wounds. In this case, a deeper healing process is necessary before one is ready to create something new. Heart Vision can show you the way!

Heart Vision is a Spiritual and Creative Transformation Program.

It is a four step process:

1) Clearing Your Heart Space,

2) Healing Our Hearts Through Nurturance,

3) Creating a New Vision, and

4) Aligning With Your Soul's Request.


Do you feel stuck? Are ready to move your life in a new direction? Do you want to move beyond the obstacles that hold you back from creating what you desire? Open yourself up to greater possibilities...



Hello! My name is Cindy Lee, LCSW-S, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor certified in Spiritual Leadership by The Spiritual Ministries Institute, Heart Paths Program.

It is my goal with this platform to share insightful stories and teachings of my own journey to better wellness as well as highly beneficial information for this new era of information and personal experience.



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