Treating Depression without Medicine

Many wellness professionals are now offering alternative treatments for depression including PEMF Therapy: a safe, painless, drug and injection-free treatment that uses a device to emit electromagnetic waves to restore cells’ healthy state.


It’s proven effective for treating depression, improving circulation, reducing pain, increasing energy and more.  Of equal importance, PEMF therapy has never been associated with any negative side-effects, and is approved by the FDA as a registered wellness device.

As most doctors know, the condition of your blood cells basically determines the overall health status of your body. Within minutes, the Pulsed Harmonix True Pulse A2000 starts a process that detoxifies and frees blood cells from their now (new normal) sticky, sick state. They can then go about their job of absorbing oxygen and nutrition, carrying it to the injured and diseased areas of the body and cleaning up (detoxing) these areas. In fact, our device is a personal 24-7 whole-body restoration service!

Inflammation and pain can be substantially reduced in 10 to 20 minutes. With frequent use, the vital autonomic functions and systems of the body are recharged, including the immune system.


  • Nerve regeneration.

  • Improved mental clarity.

  • Faster and better healing.

  • Increased energy levels.

  • Cellular oxygenation.

  • Improved cell health, which has even been used to help treat certain types of cancer with promising results.

  • Improved sleeping patterns.

  • Relaxation.

Learn more about Pulsed Harmonix and how you can purchase this device for your home or medical practice:

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