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Tracking Your Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss most people think a traditional scale is the best course of action in tracking your progress. However, this can often time do more harm than good. Read on to learn why it's important to track your health during your wellness journey & the best way to do so!

So why do we need to track our weight?

Changes in your body often happen very subtly. It can be easy to get discouraged when that number on the scale doesn't seem to move. By tracking only your weight you are doing yourself a huge injustice. It's important to keep these things in mind:

Measuring your body fat percentage is important.

I'm sure you've hurt muscle weighs more than fat a million times but this is actually not the case. While muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, the fat in your body actually takes up more space. So say you start eating healthy & building muscle. The fat that's being replaced by the muscle is still going to weigh the exact same amount making it difficult to look at when you gain a lb or end up with the same number on the scale from where you started.

How are your clothes fitting?

This is one of the best ways to measure your progress without technology. Wear a pair of yoga pants to your first workout, keep them in the closet & after a few months put them back on! You would be amazed to see how differently they fit!! Nothing is better than the feeling of fitting back into your old jeans or that beautiful cocktail dress you never wear!

Education is everything

There is so much information about how you should lose weight and a lot of misinformation about how you should lose weight. When you are on your wellness journey try and steer clear of fad dieting & try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In the video above AJ Piovesan talks about how you can find better weight loss success with medical weight loss! This is something worth looking into!

Identify your resting metabolic rate

This one could not be more important. Your resting metabolic rate is how many calories you burn while doing NOTHING! By building muscle & adopting a healthier lifestyle can dramatically improve this number.

Why is body composition so important?

While traditional weight loss programs focus on weight gain or weight loss but fail to realize that 2 same-sex people with identical weights will look completely different because of their body composition. When you measure your body composition, you learn your body's unique makeup and better understand what areas you need to focus on.

Meet the inBody Scan

So we talked about why it's important not just to track the number on the traditional scale, however, not all scales are created equal! The InBody machine does more than just take your weight it gives you a complete analysis of your body composition and keeps track of your progress while showing you exactly what areas you need to improve to be more healthy! When you set out to get healthy, you will probably focus on building muscle and losing fat. Scales or a BMI score can't help you in tracking this progress but an inBody Scan can! Here are just some of the benefits of an inBody scan:

  • Find your baseline so you can know what you need to lose, gain, or maintain

  • Assess your Percent Body Fat so you can focus on fat loss, not just weight loss

  • Maximize your workout routine to fit your unique health and fitness goals

  • Calculate your caloric needs and create a personalized nutrition plan

  • Set realistic goals, accurately monitor progress, and stay motivated

  • Make more informed decisions to improve your body composition

Ready to find out your body composition?

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