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Is it Important to Make Time for Intimacy?

Between kids, daily life & hormone imbalance maintaining a healthy & regular sex life with your partner may seem impossible. The pressure from society to have more sex is all around. We are dominated by a "sex sells" industry that can put stigmas surrounding what our sex life should look like causing unnecessary pressures on us. However, there are actual benefits when you make time for intimacy with your partner. Are you having regular sex? Let's see how it can benefit you & how you can get there!

Making time for intimacy

Tips to Help Make Time for Intimacy in a busy lifestyle.

Before we get into the health benefits of having regular sex with your partner, it's important to discuss how you can get there.

The adult video industry has led a large portion of our society to have incredibly high expectations on what our sex life should look like and can create doubt or embarrassment during intimacy with our partners.

This is an important topic that no one seems to talk about but it's causing very real problems in thousands of relationships. This is your wake-up call!! It's time to reclaim your power over the situation & remember 2 VERY important facts: NO - you don't have to live up to the sexual stigma society has adopted & YES - your sex life can be fulfilling & empowering.

Here are some tips that can hopefully help if you get stuck in a rut (or your head).

Sex doesn't have to happen before bed!

We are oftentimes too tired & drained from daily activities & sex is the last thing on our mind. Make it work for your schedule!

It doesn't have to be a chore.

Often we get in our head about it or anticipation from the expectation to be intimate takes over when in reality, if you just did it you would probably feel 10 times better!

The less sex you have the less you need.

This can become a cycle for many couples, maybe it's been too long so it's easier to avoid. Challenge yourself to try to be intimate in some way shape or form every night for a week & see how your mood about it changes.


STOP comparing, STOP focusing on what you think you should look like & be fully in the moment.


I saved the best for last. Did you know 70% of women don't reach climax during intercourse? This is INSANE! Be open with your partner about what you want & take the time to coach or take the lead! If you don't know what you like, it's vital you take the time to learn your own body to find out! This will be the most life-changing & empowering thing you can do for yourself.

benefits of intercourse

Is It Important to Have Sex Often? There ARE real health benefits of regular intimacy .

What is "regular" to you? This answer will be different for everyone but most couples average 1 time a week so we will use this as a baseline. Studies have shown that sex is extremely beneficial to our health. It activates various neurotransmitters that impact our brains and several other organs in our bodies. Here is how you can benefit:

  • Build emotional intimacy

  • Improve cardiovascular health

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase immunity

  • Relieve pain

  • Promote longevity

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Sleep better

  • Improve confidence levels

  • Feel better throughout the day

treatments for low hormones

Educate yourself on your sexual health

It's important to note aging can make it harder to have regular & fulfilling sex. Here are some common scenarios women face as we age & what you can do about them:

Hormone imbalance

Low or imbalanced hormones can lead to a low libido - making sex the LAST thing on your mind. In fact, hormonal imbalances cause 70% of low-libido cases.

As we age, our hormones change, especially during perimenopause and menopause. One of the most effective ways to treat low libido due to hormonal imbalance can be bioidentical hormone optimization. This therapy provides a customized dose for your body's needs based on a simple blood test. Pellets deliver bio-identical hormones directly into the bloodstream every day for up to 3-6 months, a benefit that pills, patches, creams, and shots cannot provide.

Painful sex

Low estrogen levels in women can decrease vaginal lubrication and thinning & drying of the vagina, making sex incredibly painful. Improving testosterone levels in women has been proven to help increase collagen in the vagina & strengthen the vaginal walls helping you have better & less painful sex!

Inability to climax

If your orgasms are becoming less frequent or intense, you could be experiencing sexual dysfunction. After being optimized with hormone optimization, patients report stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication & greater arousal.

Ready to start taking control of your sexual health? Check out our featured partner offering Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

See if you may be a candidate for hormone optimization!


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