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WATCH LIVE! Secrets To Better Wellness- WHY NOW and HOW are People Taking Control of Their Wellness

Dr. Douglas Harrington, a leading medical innovator, shares insightful tips about eating better, working out more effectively and how to create a lifestyle of better wellness.

Click here Watch live on July 16, 3pm to 4pm Central Standard Time


  • WHY NOW and HOW People are Taking Control of Their Wellness

  • How to Make Small Changes for Big Results Using Wellness Paths

  • NEW TECH: Detect your risk of a heart attack within the next 5 years

  • A Look at "The High Performance Detox"

Dr. Harrington will take questions from the audience,

so be sure to watch live!



CEO, GD Biosciences

Board Certified Cardiologist

Dr. Douglas Harrington has over 25 years of experience in the research, development, commercialization, and expansion of innovative healthcare technology and services. Dr. Harrington was a member of Dr. Jack Copeland’s, first heart transplant team in Arizona in 1979, and co-founded one of the first clinical molecular biology laboratories in the U.S. with the Nebraska Lymphoma Study Group headed by Dr. Jim Armitage. As former President and Lab Director of Nichols Institute, Dr. Harrington expanded their molecular genetics, infectious disease, immunology, cytogenetic, and anatomic pathology offerings.

Dr. Harrington has developed patents for an automated method for image analysis of residual cancer protein, a patent covering catalytic heavy metal extraction, and a patent pending on biomarker assay for diagnosis and classification of cardiac disease. He has been involved as director or founder of multiple startup companies - from devices to molecular genetics focusing on immunology, cancer and cardiology, where he has taken a number of new molecular technologies through state and federal regulatory approval.

Throughout his career Dr. Harrington has remained a Clinical Professor of Pathology at the USC Keck School of medicine, a published author of numerous peer-reviewed papers, and a sought after speaker in the area of preventive medicine. In addition to being the CEO & Lab Director of Global Discovery Biosciences, Dr. Harrington received his BA in molecular biology, and MD from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is board certified in hematology, anatomic and clinical pathology.


Author of High Performance Detox & Former Mrs. America

Lacey Pruett is a business owner and yoga teacher, passionate about helping women find their higher self by stepping off-stage to engage in the inside job of wholeness. Serving as a communicator, TV host, speaker and educator for over 20+ years, she’s equipped to mentor women of all ages.

Her efforts gained momentum in 2012, when she served as Mrs. Texas United States, and spoke to a broader audience about healthy living and mindfulness.


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