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How To Detox For Your Hormones

If you have been feeling out of whack lately, it can be hard to get back into the groove of things. One of the best possible ways to get back on track with your health & wellness goals is to go through a detox. Think of it like pressing the reset button on your health. Your hormones play a vital role in your overall well-being so why not hit the reset button on those as well? Most people think food is the only form of detox and while thats a huge part of it other factors play into a successful detox for your hormone health. Let's take a look at how you can get yourself back on track!

Why do a detox?

We all want to feel amazing and live an optimal life but sometimes factors can inhibit us from doing so. With the holidays coming just around the corner it can be a huge hindrance in derailing our health on a few levels. So how do you know if a detox is necessary? Stress is one of the most important indicators that you may need to hit that reset button. We can get caught up in things like holiday shopping - weekly planning - projects around the house and the mental chatter just seems to get out of hand! When your brain is running a million miles an hour sleep can be non-existent. Poor sleeping habits is another reason a detox should be in the front of your mind! Food also can play a vital role in how you feel and the tasks you can accomplish throughout the day. All of the reasons listed above can wreak havoc on your hormone health in different ways causing an imbalance and getting stuck in a cycle that's hard to break. So let's explore how to detox each of these and get your overall and hormone health back to normal before the New Year!

De-Stress - DETOX

Stress can be one of the hardest factors to overcome and it's often incredibly important when you are looking to detox your life! With inflation skyrocketing and holiday shopping coming up money problems can be a huge stress trigger. You may want to live up to a picture-perfect industry standard that isn't attainable this year. Work-life balance can also play as a stress trigger for most people. This could stem from the deep desire to please everyone in your life & by the end of the day there is just nothing left to give to yourself. Sound familiar? Living in constant stress can mess with cortisol levels by throwing them into overdrive and throwing off other hormones in the body that affect various aspects of your life. Here are some things you can try to give yourself a de-stress detox.

  • STOP comparing yourself to picture-perfect people you are seeing on social media. Chances are it's a very small glimpse in what might not be a picture-perfect world for them. Who would want to post the bad stuff anyways?

  • Don't live above your means. Don't go broke this holiday season trying to buy the latest & greatest for everyone. Try talking to your family on an agreed price limit to set that works for everyone's budget. When it comes to shopping for your kids less is more. By getting a smaller number of presents, they will be able to enjoy them more and let's face it... they will probably be in the bottom of toy bin come February.

  • Schedule PAUSES! Yes you CAN take a break from whatever it is your stressing about. Try incorporating an hour a day to do something productive for you. This can mean getting in a workout, reading a book, scheduling a manicure wherever you feel the most relaxed DO IT. Don't feel like you have time? Cut out those time wasters in your life like TV & scrolling social media.

Nutritional Detox

This one may sound obvious but the key to a good detox isn't just chugging bottles of over-priced pressed juices. Try to re-frame your brain on what this could look like. If you find yourself hitting the drive-through one too many times after picking the kids up from practice or eating out at lunch every day, your detox could look a lot more like planning vs googling the best detox smoothie. Your hormones depend greatly on the fuel you put into your body. Processed foods along with sugar can throw them for a loop. So what's the trick here? It's surprisingly simple eat whole foods and lean protein!!! This sounds simple enough but when you have a whole family to feed it's easier to eat what you're ordering or making for everyone else vs meal prepping bland carrots & dry chicken for you. One of the BEST tips I have found is utilizing a crock pot & researching healthy dump-and-go meals that the WHOLE family will eat. This will help you take control of your family's eating habits along with your hormone health. Here are the BEST foods for hormone health that would be easy to throw into your crock pot recipes.

  • Chicken breast

  • Cruciferous vegetables

  • Quinoa

  • Flax seeds

  • High-fiber plant foods

Cut-Out Toxins

Sounds simple enough right? But this could mean something VERY different to everyone. What are you holding onto that you know is toxic to either your mental health or physical health? The occasional glass of wine has become the social norm but are you drinking more frequently? Constant scrolling on social media is not only a time waster but can start to become toxic when you compare yourself to others. Is there a toxic person in your life that continues to bring you down or negatively affect your mental health? Have your poor eating habits gotten out of control and you find it easier to order food in instead of cooking? Are you smoking or vaping as a vice & can't seem to break the habit? ALL of these toxins whether it affect your mental or physical health have an impact on your hormonal balance. Identify YOUR toxin and make a plan to cut it out!

Bio-identical Hormone Optimization

There is truly no better way to balance your hormones then talking to a hormone specialist and getting your levels checked to determine what hormones your body needs more or less of. This process is not only simple but you only need to come in office 2 times a year to get that steady release of hormones specifically customized for your body and unique situation.

Be the BEST version of you & hit that reset button before the holidays throw you for a loop!

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