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5 Ways Men Are Benefitting From Intimacy Technology

Let's face it, ED can be an embarrassing & frustrating topic to bring up to your partner. AJ Piovesan, PA-C discusses various types of erectile dysfunction, and therapies available to men at Age Rejuvenation. If you're ready to break free from the cycle of ED and have that heart to heart with your partner keep reading for tips! Has ED put a pause on your love life? You're not alone and it's much more common than you think.

Around 50% of men ages 40-70 have experienced erectile dysfunction.
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Many Couples Find Restored Intimacy with Erectile Dysfunction Therapy at Age Rejuvenation

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

If you're reading this you probably understand how it affects your relationship, but let's look at why your partner is experiencing ED. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get & keep an erection during intercourse. However understanding why it's happening can be tricky as arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Sometimes there can even be a combination of things contributing to ED. That's why it's important to get the opinion of a medical professional to rule out any underlying conditions.

Having the talk with your partner

The conversation probably won't be easy but the way you bring the topic up can play a major role in how your partner responds. Here are some tips that can help lessen the blow on the topic

Get your facts straight

Learning the science behind why ED could be affecting your partner can help you bring up the topic from a medical standpoint. This can also help you to see this is a medical diagnosis, not something you're doing wrong.

Come from a place of love

You both know it's affected your relationship negatively. The last thing your partner wants to hear is that he can't satisfy you. Bringing it up in the moment can cause embarrassment and frustration. Wait till the two of you are in a good mood & bring it up outside of the bedroom. It's important to explain that you miss the connection that comes with being intimate and you want to work as a team to get to the root cause of what's going on.

Don't play the blame game

When symptoms of ED start suddenly your mind may go in a million different directions on why this is happening. Before you know it your thought process has spiraled out of control and we start blaming factors that could have nothing to do with why the situation is occurring. Keep a level head when you have a conversation with your partner & hear his side of what he feels could be contributing to his ED.

Don't take it personal

So you've taken matters into your own hands by buying something sexy to wear & your sure tonight will be the night. 9 times out 10 this is NOT an effective method. The hype you build around a night of romance can actually create performance anxiety worsening symptoms of ED & damaging your self-confidence. Repeat after me "I am not to blame for his ED"

Be proactive

Most men are solutions-oriented and may not care to talk about their emotions behind what's going on. If that sounds like your partner be prepared to come with a solution! Maybe it's an appointment you made for them or an article on the various treatments for ED.

How Can ED Be Treated?

There are various forms of treatment and it's important for your partner to talk to their doctor about their options when it comes to treating ED.

Age Rejuvenation's Top 5 Therapies for ED:

Once you have chosen a treatment path, your medical practitioner will help you achieve maximum results through our AgeRejuvenation proprietary 5-RX erectile dysfunction solution.

Build confidence in the bedroom again!

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