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Are You Getting All Your "Vitamins?" My Soul Glow Vitamin Suite

Are You Getting All of Your Vitamins?

Have you been asked this a lot? Is it usually by your doctor, or a well-meaning friend, or maybe a trainer? This may have been the annoying response you received from a friend after sharing that you are exhausted. (They mean well, I promise. Everyone does, really. Deep down…)

When I was a little girl, getting all of my vitamins happened when I “finished everything on my plate.” As a teenager, my “female-issues” doctor said this needed to happen so I “developed well” (whatever that means…) In my 20s, my dearly trusted nutritional and life coaches asked this in love, because they knew my body was broken and recovering. In my 30s, I realized that my clean eating wasn’t giving me all the vitamins I needed to consume, due to a sub-par food supply, and that supplementing was imperative; My 30-year old eyes were also opened to the vast array of synthetic vitamins on the shelves of stores—even healthy, all-natural shelves. Even though I had to dig deep to grab the quality food supplement I needed,

I can now confidently respond, YES, I am getting all of my vitamins.

Or am I?

Those of you who know me well know that I am a Holistic Wellness Coach by trade; however, I’m still learning more about our bodies and how they react to the world around us and within us. Holistic health takes into consideration our MIND health, our SPIRIT health, and of course, our PHYSICAL health. I’m not going to go through the suite of nutritional vitamins right now, as I am more interested in sharing some vitamins you may not know to look for. You NEED these vitamins just as much as the favorites: A, B, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K.

I call these your SOUL GLOW VITAMIN SUITE.

VITAMIN R: Relaxation.

Did you know that you could be following the BEST diet in the world, and you’ll limit your results with an anxious mind? If you’re in a chronic stream of stressors, get ready to welcome a thin (then growing) layer of belly fat around your mid-section, compliments of cortisol. Those busy, busy, busy days aren’t productive for you if your goal is healthy living. Studies also show that if you take short sanity pauses throughout your day, you accomplish more with stronger focus. Relax!

VITAMIN P: Pleasure.

Did you know that laughter is a form of cardio? Indeed! When were the last time you laughed out loud? Maybe even sorted? If it’s been a while then… well, answer me this:

What does a nosey pepper do?
Gets jalapeno business!

☺ Laugh. Giggle. Smile. Enjoy something.

VITAMIN S: Slow down.

Exercise this in your eating, your conversation, your morning routine, your mind and thoughts. Take a slower pace with something and experience something new as you go about your day. When was the last time you made eye contact with your office mate or co-worker? When was the last time you had an old-fashioned phone conversation. You don’t have to halt all productivity; just slow the pace a bit and notice something new about your daily encounters.


Spend some of your day expressing gratitude to yourself and others. Pluck someone out of your life or even out of your thoughts. I have a game I play with myself where I close my eyes and empty my mind, then see who appears. Sometimes it takes a while, but people’s faces always appear. Maybe you’ll just see their names, either way, reach out. Let someone know you’re thinking about him or her, that you love him or her, or that you simply care. People love that! Remember yourself too. Look in the mirror and identify something you love about yourself or your life. Say it out loud. And smile at yourself.


Sprinkle grace around like confetti, ladies. Give it to yourself for little mishaps, and share it with one another. Life is difficult and challenges pop up without notice. Everyone is trying his or her best, and the last thing anyone needs is judgment. Assume you don’t know the whole story. Assume there’s a reason they are the way they are. Assume they will smile back. People aren’t set out to ruin your day. Life just happens to all of us. Give grace and accept grace—daily.

Implement these vitamins into every day of your life, and watch as you “move the needle” in a positive direction with EVERY area of your life. Reducing the fight-or-flight mentality into one of ease and flow, not only helps all of your body systems operate at their full potential, but you will allow your mind and body to repair. Now THAT’S healthy living!


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