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Alleviate Your Feeling of Loneliness (Guided Meditation Text Version)

[ASCEND / TOPIC: meditation / LEVEL: EASY]

Resource: Mindful

To begin this Meditation, please bring kind awareness to

why you chose this topic

➤ how your belly, chest, and head each feel when you reflect on this topic

➤ the emotions that you can associate with these visceral feelings

➤ the positive or negative impact of any stories you believe in regarding this topic

➤ the fact that many others are feeling similarly about this topic as you

➤ how you might feel with increased awareness around this topic

➤ when you can apply increased mindfulness to this topic in your day-to-day life

Alleviate Your Feeling of Loneliness

If you have ever felt lost in loneliness, then you know how difficult it is to shake this feeling.

Luckily, when you combine desire with dedication, amazing changes in your life occur.

Daily meditation is simple, yet powerful….

Implementing a task and sticking to it is how we make habits.

Loneliness is simply a feeling that has become habit.

It cannot be cured by any external means.

Your life could be full of people, and you still feel lonely.

You could have no friends, and feel lonesomeness.

You could be completely alone and feel lonely.

As you see, it is simply a thought of separation that creates the feeling of loneliness.

This can have a never-ending circling effect, until you change your focus.

Let's Begin. Find a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed.

So let’s begin by acknowledging the person who needs you the most.

You will find this person when you look in a mirror.

Say to yourself now “thank you for this moment as an opportunity”

Give yourself now, the time to breathe your very best.

For most of us we go entire days without even thinking about our breath, yet it is the very thing

keeping us alive.

Your breath has been there for you since the beginning, fitting to each moment exactly as it


The breath never asks questions and it never judges you. It simply does what is required, instantaneously. Let’s honor our breath now, and all it has been doing for us, with 5 significant and purposeful breaths together.

1 fully inhale….expanding your belly and chest as much as you can. Holding it for a moment…

And exhale….feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you

2 inhale….filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen. Hold it.

And exhale….noticing again that wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you

3 inhale….very deeply so that you are brimming with air. Taking a moment at the top to soaking

in the life force we call oxygen.

And exhale….noticing your body relaxing in different areas, without any effort from you

4 fully inhale the life force, beginning to feel these breaths purifying your entire body

Exhaling now, not having to do anything at all.…just notice how you are feeling

And 5, last one, a full, beautiful breath coming in.…hold it, feeling the goodness of this simple


And exhale, allowing that wave of relaxation to sweep, again over you.

Just take note of how you are feeling in this very moment.

You now have an abundance of oxygen.

This is how we were truly created to feel.

Breathing deeply and fully is an expression of self-compassion Let your breath be natural now, and notice how abundance feels.


This is your new tool that you use when faced with feelings of negativity and loneliness.

Take 5 deep, purposeful, and helpful breaths. That allow you…to relax. These conscious and dedicated breaths even make it difficult for you to think negatively. Next time you catch yourself, feeling hopeless, you must take these 5 healing breaths.

There are many meditative techniques that give you back the reins, allowing you to take control

of your emotions, instead of letting your emotions control you. Mindfulness though meditation helps you become better acquainted with yourself, and your emotions.

So presently you are just relaxing and feeling very safe of comfortable.

No one needs you right now, this is time you have dedicated to yourself, and nothing is

disturbing you.

You have no where to go and nothing you have to do right now.

You are completely safe and relaxed and are able to make great changes without much effort.

You are now being guided by your relaxation. Good.

It’s amazing how our feelings come and go, like waves on the ocean shore. We all know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling relaxed, so it is just the same as there’s nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. These are only sensations that you are experiencing.

Sensations that come and go…come and go….

Now, gently bring into your awareness the feeling of loneliness…..and notice how and where

any sensations of discomfort arises.

Be with this feeling, as if you are with a friend who is very upset about something that’s

happened to them.

Be there for your discomfort, as if you are consoling a dear friend who has tears in their eyes.

Join with your loneliness as if you are meeting up someone you love because they called you

and needed you…..

Is the feeling of loneliness actually scary? Or is it just like a friend, who is experiencing a bad day, and is calling out for someone to console them? You soothe your friend’s tears with your compassion, the same as you soothe lonesome feelings.

Be present and listen, because you are the only one who can give solace to this feeling, just as

how your friend reached out to only you when they needed comfort.

You alleviate feelings of desolation by being there…WITH them, and never pushing them away.

Would you tell your troubled friend to go away when they call you, upset, and asking for your

presence? No.

Then you do not tell your loneliness to go away either.

Good, now allow any feelings of seclusion, discomfort or pain to just pass by, like a rain cloud

that has bought a heavy rain. The cloud passes by, and the sun peeks out, beaming with light and warmth.

When you console uncomfortable feelings, and sit with them as a friend, you are allowing a

storm of upset to rain down, letting go, and then continue in the wind, seeing the sun break

though, drying up the waters with it’s warmth. You can clearly see a smile on your friend’s face because you are always there for them.


The cure for loneliness is to change our focus, as soon as you feel it arise. Practicing these necessary techniques make for meaningful encounters with your inner self,

allowing your loneliness to become your ally.

Thank you and good job today.

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