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A Divine Commission To Unify

Volume 2 from "The Dialogues"

Two months had past, before the spiritual messages started again. Looking back on it, I think it was an act of mercy! I was so shaken by the experience, I was feeling disoriented, confused, and scared. But after the short reprieve of silence, ‘The Voice’ returned. It was relentless - appearing as an audible phrase in my head. The words in my head repeated until I recorded them on paper. The more I recorded, the more the messages came. My meditation time became a conduit for these messages.

I wish I could say that I received these messages gracefully. But the truth is, I was freaking out! It has always been my heart to serve God, but this was more than I was ready for. I spent a lot of time questioning myself, my sanity, and the experiences I was having. I had never experienced anything like this, and did not know why this was happening to me. However, the Divine Voice consistently reassured me that I would be okay, encouraged me to trust the experiences, and to keep recording the messages. I obediently followed the instruction.

Over time, I learned to trust what was happening, and I released the need to understand everything. I developed a deep knowing that this was real; even if it is was more than my mind could comprehend. I was now six months into recording the messages.

I was in my morning meditation ritual: relaxing my body, slowing my breath, entering into my visual garden; as my consciousness gave way to a dimension beyond this world...

My Meditation:

I am in ‘the garden’ and it is a beautiful day, as always. I am feeling calmer today. I have a sense of ‘knowing’ that what I am experiencing is real. It has been so confusing, but there are so many signs of confirmation. I hear...

The Voice: Cindy, no need to fear any longer.

Cindy: You are wanting me to tell the world the messages because I just simply want to serve God, right? I have no ulterior motive, right?

The Voice: That is correct, Cindy.

Cindy: I am not crazy. Right?

The Voice: I have been telling you so. Trust this. You are fine. Nothing bad will come from this. Only good. You have walked through many doors in this process with astonishing faith. That is all that is required. Relax. Let’s cross the veil. It’s time to learn more. Let’s go my child.

We cross the veil...

The Voice: Love your neighbor.

Cindy: What are we doing wrong?

The Voice: People are so divided. They do not know how to love themselves, each other, or God. Their hearts need cleansing. They need to peel away selfishness, envy, hate, resentment, self righteousness, ungratefulness, unworthiness. It all comes down to self love. Do they not understand when they treat themselves badly; their bodies, their mind, their thoughts, their intentions - they poison the “God part” of themselves? God resides within everyone. Would they treat their Maker with such disrespect and disgust? No! They do not realize what they do. Then they spread the poison to others; into the Earth. This is not good. Remind them of who they are – children of God – God beings. Sacred beings. Remind them of their goodness, their purity, their place of righteous honor. It starts with self. Treat yourselves as holy.

The church says to worship God. Well God resides within all people – so worship yourselves and your neighbors. This will align us all to the Divine Source of Ultimate Love. Let the love among you ring – let it flow! Align yourselves with the Divine – treat yourselves and others like kings and queens – you are royalty. Love those who hate themselves. Transform their hate into love. It is the best way to combat the destruction they have inside. Love is stronger than hate. No competition! It is the greatest force on the planet. It will remove and cleanse – heal and renew. Bind hearts in love. There is no one better than the other. No one greater than your sister and brother.

We are all the same. No power over each other. There is only one true power – God. Start relating on a HEART LEVEL to one another – seeing each other with the heart – not judgment, ego, and self righteousness. A homeless man on the street may have more wisdom about life than a CEO executive. He will know compassion and suffering. Do not judge. We all are learning and we all have value. We contribute to each other. Remove Ego – open your heart. This message is for ALL. Each person needs to examine this now.

Cindy: Why now? What is to come?

The Voice: The time is coming when people will need to unify. Lock together; connect. To know God’s power. The planet will need to change – Be the voice. It is set in motion. Do your part.

Cindy: When do I come out with this?

The Voice: It will be shown. It is not time yet. It is just beginning. Prepare though. Follow the directions given. You will be given what you need when time is right. Record this journey. Know this is happening for the good of all. Trust. Tell your story Cindy. Courage required. There will be a time that’s right - Not to know now. Follow the signs – look and see – listen and hear – that is what you need to know for now.

“The Dialogues” started sixteen years ago. I share them with you now, because I have been shown that IT IS TIME. My FAITH has taught me to wait on God’s timing. My HOPE is that through them, you will feel inspired, and experience the Heart of God. My LOVE is sent to you though these writings.



Hello! My name is Cindy Lee, LCSW-S, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor certified in Spiritual Leadership by The Spiritual Ministries Institute, Heart Paths Program.

It is my goal with this platform to share insightful stories and teachings of my own journey to better wellness as well as highly beneficial information for this new era of information and personal experience.



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