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A Message to Medical Professionals: A BETTER APPROACH to Modern Patient Wellness

Friends and colleagues,

As this NEW ERA OF WELLNESS emerges, we are finding some changes become commonplace in the medical and wellness industry.

First and foremost, the quality of PATIENT CARE has shifted. Patients have made it clear that a yearly check up or antibiotic for the seasonal cold or flu is no longer acceptable. But now we must secure methods of "GUIDING PATIENT WELLNESS" over treating illness.

The recent events that have allowed closer communication such as telemedicine to flourish in this country, and solutions for increased wellness guidance and frequent communication through platforms such as My Wellness by Nature, an all-media platform that allows solutions to many modern practice / patient issues. I have outlined relevant problems followed by the solution below.


Consumers and Patients are overloaded with advertising and information, and do not know WHO or WHAT to trust.


Directly guide with wellness information produced and presented for existing patients as well as for the public. Medical contributing members present highly educational and engaging video "content" and information from a promoted company page to help guide wellness.


A shared, strong, clear and unified brand message is necessary to create movement that a small to medium-sized business can not afford independently.

• The Unified Principle: Guiding patient wellness over treating illness

• Utilizing high level exposure opportunities through combined member strength

• Highest level media exposure for credibility and validation

• High quality educational content is key.

• All-Media Type delivery system of original content is critical

• Repurposing content into many deliverables creates high value


Producing high quality wellness tips videos and articles to help guide patient wellness


The inability to afford experienced, expensive, high quality video production and patient-engagement content.


Producing all-inclusive high quality educational content with an international award-winning medical marketing production company. Distributing this content across their expansive platforms as well as your company's is the key.


Featured Network TV and Streaming Channels such as #SOTHRIVE with Real Housewives star, TV personality and empowerment coach, Tiffany Hendra.


Reaching a massive captive and interested targeted audience with trusted and relevant education that attracts new patients to your practice or business.


My Wellness by Nature is a professional collaborative wellness community utilizing 1250+ proven-successful all-media consumer engagement and patient communication system including the following benefits:

  • 85% of monthly fee contributing to targeted marketing and creative production

  • Your videos featured on network broadcast tv shows and commercials

  • On-demand streaming TV channels

  • My Wellness by Nature Website exposure

  • Social media exposure such as Facebook and Instagram

  • Published articles and blogs

  • Partnering with high level celebrity influencers and brand endorsers to extend the message of the brand and your content

  • The Power of a professional cooperative community means incredible savings for all members



Patients have adopted the need to be guided in wellness regularly rather than occasionally.


Guiding wellness regularly from a promoted company page featuring original practice & product videos and information.

Patients learn about your Practice Page with in-office displays for direct access by simply pointing cell phone camera at an info card. Your practice page becomes an out-of-office resource that patients can access at home as more content is added on-going.


"Guiding Wellness" with small achievable goals for better patient outcomes.


In my personal experience, the tremendous foresight and content value that My Wellness by Nature offers, far outweighs the monthly cost of membership.

I highly encourage you to join this generous win-win opportunity to help “guide” your patient’s wellness using this sophisticated and unparalleled system to increase practice - patient loyalty, practice revenue and better patient outcomes.

The pure value of the content production alone far outweighs the monthly membership fee, which can be used unlimited across your existing exposure and marketing avenues.

The national quality TV content and broadcast airings have been proven-successful as I have worked with the founders for years now.


As stated in the video above, I highly encourage you to integrate the My Wellness by Nature platform into your practice for better communication, brand awareness and new patient lead generation to help you practice thrive.


To dive deeper into the many benefits of being a contributing member, go to

You can also email Co-Founder and Marketing Guru of 26+ years, Christian Sly, president of Omni Visual Media, Home and Lifestyle TV for more information at

I would like to thank you for you time today, and may you always be blessed with good health,

Derrick DeSilva, Jr. M.D.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR View more from Dr. DeSilva

Derrick M. DeSilva M.D. is a world-renowned doctor and scientist, voted “one of the best doctors” in 2001 by New York Magazine and other media. Dr. DeSilva was born in Sri Lanka and later moved to the United States to pursue his degree in biology at Saint Francis College prior to completing his doctorate at Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic in 1982.

Over the course of his 35+ year career, Dr. DeSilva has won several awards including the “Allen Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine” in 2010 and has been a member and advisor on over thirteen various membership and medical advisory boards. Some of the boards include the Mercedes-Benz AMG-Driving Academy, WePelletm BioTE, and more. He has spoken at over 115 major conferences around the world educating others on everything from “Anti-Aging” all the way to “The Magic Combo For Better Health”.

Dr. DeSilva is the host of a radio talk show called "Ask the Doctor", as well as his own television show, "To Your Health". He also hosts medical segments on CNN and has appeared as a guest on numerous national television programs, including ABC's "Nightline, Larry King Live, The Housewives of New Jersey", and most recently he was asked to be a regular health expert on the TV show, "Extra".


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