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PEMF Therapy for Pets

Veterinarians were the first professionals to use Pulsed Electro Magnetic therapy equipment in North America

How can PEMF Therapy Help My Pet?

PEMF Devices are designed to benefit your pet’s body in a number of ways, but primarily they positively influence and support the cellular energy in their body. This results in better cellular health and functioning. This can result in the following health benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Pain Relief

  • Faster Recovery From Injury

  • Improved Performance and Mobility

  • Strengthened Immune System

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed magnetic therapy equipment is non-invasive, is not painful and does not require sedation. Animals seem to know that pulsed magnetic therapy equipment is helping them and are calm and relaxed.

There is a vast array of different conditions in animals that may be treated with pulsed electromagnetic fields. PEMFs are often preferable to treatment with medications or may be able to be used alongside medications. As in humans, magnetic field therapies could be used for almost any condition, because of the very basic actions of magnetic fields on all biology. Animals are actually more sensitive to these therapeutic PEMFs and respond much more quickly, because of their accelerated metabolism as compared to humans.

The conditions that are very responsive to PEMFs therapies in animals include arthritis, injuries, wounds, cancers, circulatory problems, fractures, spinal cord problems, seizure disorders, skin disorders, aging, diabetes complications, and many more.

As in humans, PEMFs penetrate the entire volume of the animal body, including stimulating every individual cell in their path, to produce the results. As a result, by increasing the metabolism and energy in the individual cells of the body, the animals are often able to dramatically improve their healing, whether from injury, surgery, infection or other conditions. As in humans also, there are terminal conditions, for which magnetic therapies may not be effective, despite our best efforts. Unfortunately, knowing when this is likely to be the case is not predictable.

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You Can Try This PEMF Device In Your Home

TruePulse A2000 Home Version

The A2000 Home unit includes a single power cord and mat. The portable device is lightweight, and uses a common household plug, providing therapy whenever and wherever you need it.

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About the Founder, Jack Butler

Meet the Mind Behind Pulsed Harmonix

“I founded Pulsed Harmonix to help people and myself with serious pain and health problems that were not responding well to traditional treatments.”

Prior to founding Pulsed Harmonix, Jack’s dynamic background included many different entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and scientific endeavors. In all he has done, Jack has been firmly committed to addressing modern problems with modern solutions. The founder of many successful enterprises, including the Municipal Bond Insurance Association (NYSE: MBI); the MBIA Invitational, an annual golf tournament in support of the Special Olympics; and ARC, the financing of a peer-reviewed and published cancer vaccine, Jack now devotes his full attention to the development of safe, effective, and affordable PEMF healing technology as CEO of Pulsed Harmonix.

“I founded Pulsed Harmonix to help people and myself with serious pain and health problems that were not responding well to traditional treatments.” He was proud to see that, while his personal issues were effectively addressed by the products he has helped promote, he has not had any need for medications and currently does not have any complications or diseases.

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