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How can you boost your immunity during cold & flu season and the novel Covid-19? Dr. Derrick DeSilva has the answer...

After working with literally thousands of medical professionals and physicians, one of our favorites is Dr. Derrick DeSilva in New Jersey. Dr. DeSilva has so many accolades just on the top of my mind, that I wouldn't know where to start. Being featured on "The Housewives of New Jersey perhaps?" Well regardless, Dr. DeSilva is one of the most knowledgeable medical professionals we have worked with for many years, and featured regularly on our own "Home and Lifestyle TV / For Your Health" television segments.

Well when we discussed immune system boosting in the midst of all this quarantining, he lead us immediately to an immune system boosting pack from Common Sense Supplements. We were so excited to receive the package including "Belly Buddies" Probiotic, Omega 30 and a special formulation of vitamin ADK - we had to post about it.

AND NOW - they have extended the pack to a 2 MONTH SUPPLY Available. We highly suggest if you are searching for something for immune system support, that you check it out here.


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