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What's Causing Your Wrinkles

When it comes to wrinkles your laugh lines are no laughing matter! So why do we get wrinkles? In the past, it's been predominately blamed on age alone but let's take a deeper look at why this happens.

How facial muscles contribute to wrinkles

Did you know the human face has over 40 separate muscles which can make more than 10,000 unique expressions? The facial nerve controls these muscles and are split into 4 different branches. Each branch reaches a different part of your face allowing them to move somewhat independently.

This is the primary reason you start to show signs of aging on the face before anywhere else on your body! When these muscles contract the skin is being pulled in different directions and over time lines & creases begin to form. Although the natural production of collagen helps the skin bounce back, over time the production starts to halt.

So can you work out these muscles to make them stronger?

I'm sure you've heard of facial exercises to improve wrinkles but this is actually backward. By working out the facial muscles you're stretching the skin out which will exacerbate the wrinkles you already have!

Your lifestyle may contribute

While it's inevitable that we will ALL get wrinkles your lifestyle choices play a major role in the severity of wrinkles and how soon you start to see them. Here are a few examples.

Sun Exposure

Exposure to UVA & UVB rays accounts for 90% of premature skin aging!! No wonder your dermatologist is so big on the idea of sunscreen! The severity of the skin damage is the amount of time spent soaking up the rays along with your natural pigmentation.

Free Radicals

Live in a big city with lots of pollution? Free radicals could be the reason for your wrinkles! Free radicals actually break down the skins natural collagen production making your body's ability to fight off fine lines nearly impossible.


Not only is smoking bad for your lungs & heart it can severely damage your skin! Exposure to the harmful chemicals in a cigarette can affect the elasticity, texture, color, and chemical makeup of your once flawless face.

So now what do I do about it?

While there are many options to smooth and prevent fine lines or wrinkles, Botox is one of the most effective and popular treatments. In the video above Dr. Saurez discusses the benefits of Botox .

"The goal of botox is to help the muscle stop contracting and those lines will start to soften so you'll get a more youthful appearance"

Ready to regain your youthful glow?

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