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Living Happier with Facial Aesthetics

Maintaining beautiful skin takes a lot more than just washing and daily moisturizing. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and that forms fine lines and wrinkles. Even with an ideal routine, you're still inclined to lose volume and develop creases that can make you look older than you feel.

If you've been feeling unhappy with your appearance, perhaps you should consider Aesthetic treatment options. Patients are reporting that they feel better on a daily basis, when they feel better about their appearance.


Botox is a quick and relatively painless procedure that delivers almost instant results.

You do not need anesthesia or pain medication for Botox treatments, and the total process takes only a few minutes, depending on how many areas you’re targeting and how deep the wrinkles go, and many patients report results within a week.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that relaxes muscles for up to several months. Botox will not erase your wrinkles. We recommend utilizing Botox injections not only to reduce wrinkles, but mainly as a preventative to wrinkles. The earlier you get Botox, the more preventative its effects are said to be, meaning, start before any wrinkles or fine lines in your face are obviously visible.

Botox and Fillers have been known to treat a variety of medical conditions.

It has been known to help relieve chronic migraines, normalize overactive bladders, lessen underarm sweat, realign crooked eyes, reduce eyelid muscle spasms, relax muscle tremors in shoulder and neck and reduce spastic upper limbs caused by the nervous system.


Fillers are used to help restore lost volume in the face. Some of these FDA intended uses include: Correcting moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and skin folds, Increasing fullness of lips, cheeks, chin, under-eye hollows, jawline, and back of the hand, Restoring facial fat loss in people with human immune diseases, and correcting acne scars on the cheek.

Dermal Fillers are loved by many people these days, as they provide a great way to restore a youthful appearance, and to add volume and contouring.

The good news is Prosper Direct Health in Iowa is proudly NOW offering Aesthetic Services such as Botox and Filler to help patient's feel and look more youthful.


Amber Franco has a deep passion for helping people feel better and lead happier lives, Amber loves making a positive difference.

"Born in Sioux City, I became an RN and completed my Master's in Nursing Education. I am currently studying at Briar Cliff to obtain my Nurse Practitioner degree. I have always been drawn to esthetics. I believe esthetics is an art and if you can visualize it, you can create it! Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and PRP are just some of the services I offer. I look forward to making your esthetic vision come to life."

If you’ve been battling those deep wrinkles and fine lines that come with age, let Prosper Direct Health renew your confidence again! It's amazing how small health improvements can make a BIG impact on your life.

To book your appointment with Amber, call 712.218.3743

Call TODAY to start living a better, healthier life!

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