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Healing With LED-Light Therapy: A Doctor's Experience

Personal experiences highlight the tremendous healing effects of LED light therapy

Rapid Healing of a Second-Degree Burn

While barbecuing, Dr. Sherry Rogers, a medical doctor specializing in natural therapies and environmental medicine, suffered a painful burn to her hand. She grabbed a frying pan handle that had been inside a 450-degree grill for 25 minutes. Ouch! Fortunately, she had an LED unit handy so she alternated applying the LED unit with ice. She reports:

“In 35 years of medicine I’ve never seen 2nd degree burns revert to normal in 4 hours.”

Easing Arthritic Pain and Increasing Mobility

One study describes how LED therapy reduced pain and increased mobility for those suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis. Patients applied LED light, either Red or Near Infrared, themselves to both sides of the knee for 15 minutes twice a day for 10 days. Those who used Red LEDs went an average of four months before requesting further treatment for pain. Those who used Near Infrared LEDs went an average of six months before requesting further treatment for pain. The control group who received a placebo light treatment went only about two weeks before requesting more treatment.

Allergy Relief

Dr. Sherry Rogers shared how she suffers from a debilitating food allergy. When inadvertently exposed to the allergen, Dr. Rogers describes her symptoms saying they “…can leave me incapacitated with unbearable back pain that mimics a ruptured disc, complete with paralyzed leg …” She applied an LED unit:

“I’ve never seen anything else that could make such a dramatic difference and allow me to skip 2½ weeks of incapacitating agony. God clearly uses my body to teach me.”


The latest advancement in low level light technology. Delivering LED-based energy in the 635nm and 880nm wavelength.


Rejuvenating Skin

Our skin is flexible or elastic. The expansive and contractive quality of our skin is a result of connective tissue. Our connective tissue contains a protein called collagen that provides structure for our skin. As we age, the production of collagen decreases and our skin loses elasticity and wrinkles form. Cells called fibroblasts are needed to create the collagen that keeps skin resilient and healthy. Research indicates that fibroblast cells are increased when using LED light—resulting in collagen formation to repair skin and reduce wrinkles.

Healing of a Non-Healing Diabetic Skin Ulcer

The following case report describes how a 75-year old man finally found relief from long-standing sores. Diabetic skin ulcers are known to be notoriously difficult to heal. Red LED light was applied only every other day for 16 minutes at a time.

The researcher reported: “Rapid and excellent wound healing was seen. Wound healed totally in 15 phototherapy sessions spread over 5 weeks. New epithelium was thin having good texture and without fibrosis. … 660 nm Red Light Phototherapy was found to be very effective for healing of the Non-healing Diabetic Ulcer where routine treatment had failed.”


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