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Yoga Inversions 101

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Course length

8 Lessons

How To Do Handstands, Headstands & More With Ease

• Tailored routines designed to build the strength and skills you need to get upside down

• Specific practices to get you into a handstand, forearm stand, head and shoulder stand

• Learn inversions in a safe environment

Yoga Inversions 101

Caley Alyssa

Caley Alyssa is an internationally-renowned Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, and the founder of Caley Yoga. She credits yoga with helping her define and accomplish her dreams, and she's passionate about helping others manifest their own dreams as well—both through the classes she teaches and the relationships she forms off the mat. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and has completed multiple yoga trainings, including Yoga Works 200hr Teacher Training, Dharma Mittra 500hr Teacher Training, Yoga Tree 200hr Teacher training, Shiva Rea Chakra Vinyasa Teacher Training, and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training.

This Course if Perfect For You If:

    • You want to learn inversions in a safe, comfortable environment.
    You’re ready to face your fears and unleash the strong and powerful person within.
    • You’re ready to face your fears and unleash the strong and powerful person within.
    • You want to reap the benefits of going upside down—from increased vitality to detoxification.
On-The-Go Knowledge

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Top 3 Take-Aways

By enrolling in this class, you’ll gain imperative knowledge on how to:

Modern Work Desk


Build the strength you need, in exactly the right places, to do the inversion postures.


Perform handstands, headstands, and forearm stands.


Do advanced inversions for when you’ve mastered arm balancing.


Our instructors are highly knowledgable and give you the tools to use in your own life.


Our courses and one-on-one instruction can all be done from the comfort of your own home with an internet connection.