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Phil Roberts, MD, MS, ABAARM

Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

My Areas of Expertise:

IV therapy, BHRT, prp injections, age rejuvenation, functional medicine

Contact Information
Brentwood, TN, USA

Helping Medical Practitioners add nutritional IV's, hormones, peptides and concentrated growth factors to their practice is what we do! We also have a marketing platform for reactivating patients during this present health crisis.

My passion is to help physicians build their best practice. They will do this by combining the best of functional medicine therapies. Their patients will statistically do much better than the average American. Financially, my goal is to dramatically increase your profit margins while providing more time freedom.

With extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine for over 30 years, I feel uniquely qualified to assist you. Knowing that everything works together for good; who would have known a difference of opinion on a Vitamin D level would change my focus from patients to practitioners? I am thrilled to be able to assist my practitioners.

We have systems to help your team utilize IV nutrients, hormonal, peptide and concentrated growth factor delivery systems. Our marketing reactivation campaigns have engaged 20-40% of existing patient bases in many practices.

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