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Nicole Turcotte ABD

Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

My Areas of Expertise:

functional medicine, nutrition, bioidentical hormones, thyroid therapy, Peptides, adrenal therapy, BHRT, anti-aging, metabolic medicine, gut health, chronic pain, prp injections, weightloss, Nutrition, regenerative medicine, PRP, Immunity Boost, preventative wellness, preventative medicine, pellet therapy

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

he programs offered at the Get Well Scottsdale is the culmination of Dr. Turcotte's own vast personal experience, and the ongoing review of the research and latest scientific studies.

As an avid fitness enthusiast, she was finding herself rapidly deteriorating and being unable to perform physically as she had in the past. Dr. Turcotte experienced aches and pains, loss of muscle and strength, a decrease in endurance and lack of desire for physical activity. After optimizing all of her hormones back to youthful levels, the pain and deterioration subsided. She is back to what she was years ago. Armed with the personal experience of feeling poorly for so many years she is now treating one client at a time back to the best version of themselves that they can possibly be!

My situation is common to what I see on a daily basis – patients who feel the lack of strength, energy, endurance and ability to perform as they once did. The quality of life changes when this occurs. Hormone replacement is an important component in the control of this mid-life crisis. Current research has revealed that hormone replacement can slow this deterioration and reverse these symptoms of aging. This gives us great hope for not only a long life, but also a healthy, active life – with the emphasis on quality.

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