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Mickey Power LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

My Areas of Expertise:

mental health, couples therapy, addiction therapy, wellness resort, stress management, Alternative Therapy, depression, meditation training, lifestyle coach, counseling

Contact Information
Texarkana, TX, USA

Mickey Power, Owner and CEO, possesses Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health and has practiced in the mental health field since 2012. He has treated a variety of patients with both psychiatric and chemical dependency needs. He has also served with a multidisciplinary advocacy team to address severe sexual trauma in children of impoverished areas of Southeastern Oklahoma. In October of 2016 he opened his own private practice in Texarkana, Texas where he continues to work. There, he has a thriving practice focusing on trauma, anxiety and couples therapy. When he is not providing therapy, Mickey spends his time with Makaelea (Mak) and his two daughters (Matti and Loklyn). His family members are closely intertwined into his hobbies. Most of his free time is spent traveling, exploring, fishing and embarking on various airboat adventures with his family.

In early 2020, he and his wife left for a couples vacation in Belize and fell in love with the beauty of Belize’s culture and geography. After traveling through a majority of Belize, they found the the unspoiled Corozal district, a place where tourism has not overshadowed the innate vibrance of the Caribbean culture, and the dream of Jaguarundi Shores was conceived. With the support of his wife, help from wonderful friends in the United States, and the continued graciousness of Linda, a wonderful lady in Northern Belize, Jaguarundi Shores began to take shape. Now that dream has now become a reality to share with those needing a break from the incessant pressures we all experience daily.

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