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Lawrence Hatchett MD

Board Certified Urologist

My Areas of Expertise:

BHRT, anti-aging, Peptides, bioidentical hormones, Alternative Therapy, thyroid therapy, regenerative medicine, preventative wellness, adrenal therapy, functional medicine, preventative medicine, pellet therapy

Contact Information
Marion, IL, USA

Lawrence Hatchett, MD is a board-certified urologic surgeon specializing in state-of-the-art, minimally invasive solutions. He has been practicing since 1993. He received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University while on a full basketball scholarship for four years.

Dr. Lawrence Hatchett was also teammates with Coach Doc Rivers who is now the head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. Dr. Lawrence Hatchett is a Harvard-trained urologic surgeon and completed his fellowship at Boston Children’s Harvard University. Today, he is a urologic surgeon specializing in the minimally invasive aspects of urology at the Urology Institute.

His special interests are:

Minimally invasive BPH
Minimally invasive treatment for severe stress incontinence in women
Nerve Stimulator (Axonics Therapy) to treat bladder and bowel incontinence
“No-Scalpel” vasectomy

Dr. Lawrence Hatchett was also a national speaker for Pfizer and spoke on Viagra and overactive bladders for stress incontinence patients. He also trains and consults other physicians across the US on BARD’s Urethral Bulking Agents.

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